Surprise: I Got Showered with Love this Weekend!

I’ve got to hand it to my husband Larry and my good friend Claire… because they really got me good! For a couple of weeks now, I was under the assumption that I would be heading to a fancy brunch with our friends Claire and Bobby in Harvard Square on Sunday afternoon. Instead, I went to their house on Sunday and was welcomed by a surprise baby shower instead!

Both my and Larry’s families live in New Jersey and I knew I’d be having a baby shower the weekend of Mother’s Day, planned by my friend Nicole and both of our families. What I didn’t know was that when they asked me to come up with my guest list, they colluded with my husband to split up the fun: my planned shower in New Jersey and a surprise shower in Massachusetts for all of my local friends!

I was genuinely gobsmacked and had no clue that they had been planning this for months now. I’m so touched and humbled by all the love by which I was surrounded this weekend. Here are some of my favorite photos from my truly wonderful surprise baby shower!

  • Hey... What's Going On Here?

    Hey... What's Going On Here?

    Walking in and very confused to see a whole host of friends gathered instead of a small double date brunch.

    Photo by Jacquie Valatka.

  • Got Me Good

    Got Me Good

    Once I realized just what was going on, I got a bit teary from all the love!

    Photo by Jacquie Valatka.

  • A Shower That Was Out of this World

    A Shower That Was Out of this World

    I loved the space theme tied into my baby shower. Everything was super cute!

    Photo by Claire Smithney.

  • A Space Theme Baby Shower

    A Space Theme Baby Shower

    So many cute touches of outer space, from the star dishes to little plastic rocket ships and stars everywhere!

    Photo by Claire Smithney.

  • Red Velvet Cupcake Deliciousness

    Red Velvet Cupcake Deliciousness

    My friend Claire did a stellar job of not only decorating, but providing such tasty finger foods, like these decadent red velvet cupcakes!

    Photo by Claire Smithney.

  • DIY Cupcake Toppers

    DIY Cupcake Toppers

    A special touch for our soon-to-be newest addition to “Team Zoll.”

    Photo by Jacquie Valatka.

  • Decorate a Onesie Activity

    Decorate a Onesie Activity

    My friend Claire let us loose with markers, stamps and white newborn onesies to create personalized gifts for my little one. It was a really fun activity that made for some really special gifts for our son.

    Photo by Jacquie Valatka.

  • Personalized Onesies

    Personalized Onesies

    My little one is basically set for onesies for his first few months! We all made a bunch of truly one-of-a-kind gifts for him and I love that I can look at each one and know who made it for him.

    Photo by Jacquie Valatka.

  • I Love My Mom to Infinity and Beyond

    I Love My Mom to Infinity and Beyond

    My baby shower even had a touch of Disney with this adorable Toy Story inspired onesie my friend made for me.

    Photo by Jacquie Valatka.

  • Showered with Love

    Showered with Love

    I was so touched by all of the really sweet gifts that tied into our space theme, like this robot blanket. Thank you to everyone who came and made this such a special day for me!

    Photo by Jacquie Valatka.

Thank you to everyone who came and for your friendship; it means so much to me! I know our little one is going to be decked out in some seriously cute baby outfits and he’ll love all of your gifts and well wishes!

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