Spookie Cuties: 24 Halloween Baby Shower Cupcakes

It would appear that the devout cupcake lady has struck again.

This time she has scoured the internets for the very best spooky looks and mouth-watering flavour combos. There’s nothing too frightening here for your little ones, or to serve to your guests at your Hallowe’en themed baby shower.

Brought to you by popular demand, she has made sure to include the easy recipes and tutorials that you’ve been asking for. Enjoy the round-up!

  • Spookie Cuties Ahoy!

    Spookie Cuties Ahoy!

    Click through for some great recipes and cupcake ideas for your Halloween themed baby shower or baby and toddler friendly Hallow’s Eve treats. All cute, nothing too scary here. Have fun drooling!

  • Mickey Mummies

    Mickey Mummies

    Simply amazing.
    Find the recipe and instructions over on Spoonful

  • Creepsters (Recipe)

    Creepsters (Recipe)

    Tiny and cute morsels of YUM!
    Find the recipe and instructions over on Family Fun

  • Sinister Sweets

    Sinister Sweets

    Fun for all. Baby shower, Halloween evening or kid party – these have all of your bases covered.
    As seen on N.Y. Mag

  • Easy Halloween Cupcakes (Recipes)

    Easy Halloween Cupcakes (Recipes)

    The cuteness. I die.
    Get the recipes and instructions over on Sugared Productions

  • Glam Halloween

    Glam Halloween

    Glam-tacular. A ton of great ideas to be found here for a glitzy Halloween baby shower.
    Learn more over on Hostess

  • Make a Series!

    Make a Series!

    These are probably the most kid-centric of the bunch – but some of you out there may think them a perfect howl for your ghoulishly splendid baby shower!
    Get the recipe for each over on Make It, Love It

  • Chocolate & Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes (Recipe)

    Chocolate & Orange Creamsicle Cupcakes (Recipe)

    These look like some tasty little heathens! Your baby shower guests won’t be able to resist the indulgence.
    As seen on The Cupcake Blog

  • Deep Purple

    Deep Purple

    Sometimes I just can’t help myself. Some of you may not know what I’m on about and that’s just fine. To those that do, rock on. Either way it’s cupcake toppers FTW!
    Learn more over on Frog Prince Paperie

  • Easy DIY (Recipes)

    Easy DIY (Recipes)

    Pure adorableness.
    Get the recipes and full instructions over on Cookies & Cups

  • Franken-Goofy (Recipe)

    Franken-Goofy (Recipe)

    These are so fun, great for a baby boy shower around Halloween!
    Get the recipe and instructions over on Spoonful

  • Chocolate Spiderwebs (Recipe)

    Chocolate Spiderwebs (Recipe)

    I didn’t think that spider webs could be made to look pretty, but – here they are. Even the spiders. Which you could forgo if they really induce a deep shudder – but they are fun, so. Don’t be wimp like me! They’re just cupcakes!
    Get the recipe over on Lil’ Luna

  • Webbed & Polka Dotted Pinwheel

    Webbed & Polka Dotted Pinwheel

    Again. Keeping things easy with magnificent cupcake toppers.
    Available over at Pinwhirls

  • Witch Hats

    Witch Hats

    A bright and fun choice for baby girl’s Halloween baby shower!
    Learn more over on Cake Central

  • Little Monsters (Recipe)

    Little Monsters (Recipe)

    Love these sweet and fun little creepsters.
    Find out how to do these over on Celebrations

  • Candy Corn Mini Hi Hat Cupcakes (Recipe)

    Candy Corn Mini Hi Hat Cupcakes (Recipe)

    Brilliant and so delectable looking. Your guests will love these.
    Find the recipe over on Diary of a Mad Hausfrau

  • Orange & Black Cream Swirls

    Orange & Black Cream Swirls

    You don’t have to be spooky or cute at all for your Halloween baby shower. Classy and elegant.
    Learn more over on Bakers Cakes

  • Elegantly Spooked

    Elegantly Spooked

    Keep it darling and friendly with these lovely little cupcakes.
    Learn more over on The Cupcake Blog

  • Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes (Recipe)

    Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes (Recipe)

    Another adorable recipe for you to try out!
    Get the recipe over on Better Homes & Gardens

  • Jack Skellington (Recipe)

    Jack Skellington (Recipe)

    My favourite Halloween dude! These would be great for a little boy’s Halloweeney baby shower.
    Find the recipe over on Spoonful

  • Silhouettes


    Cupcake toppers are always an easy and stylish route. You can make the cupcakes yourself and purchase the toppers in a store or online!
    As seen on The Cupcake Blog

  • Black Cat Cupcakes (Recipe)

    Black Cat Cupcakes (Recipe)

    These naughty little black kitties would be the perfect treat for your Halloween party or baby shower!
    Learn more over at Ingredients of a Twenty Something

  • Halloween Monkey & Elephant Cupcake Toppers

    Halloween Monkey & Elephant Cupcake Toppers

    So adorable. Clearly a perfect pick for a baby shower.
    Created by Blue Cupcake

  • Oogie Boogie Cupcakes (Recipe)

    Oogie Boogie Cupcakes (Recipe)

    A fun and colourful way to go for a baby boy Halloween baby shower! Or to share with your neighbours and their little ones Halloween eve.
    Find the recipe over on Spoonful

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