Spin the Lion Tail Shower Game

This baby shower game comes with a twist. Guests test their knowledge about the parents-to-be answering questions prompted by fun Lion King facts.

Spin the Lion Tail Shower Game

You’ll need:

  • Template for Spin the Lion Tail Shower Game
  • Scissors
  • Tan or beige cardstock
  • Sheet of savannah-theme craft paper
  • Brown and reddish brown craft paper scraps
  • Glue stick
  • Single paper hole punch
  • Craft knife
  • Round paper fastener


1. Print the first two pages of the template on tan or beige cardstock and the third page on plain paper. Cut out all the pieces. Use the tail (top and backing), tail tuft, and game board backing pieces from the third page as patterns for cutting out the shapes from the specified craft paper colors.

2. Glue the game board from the first template page atop the savannah paper backing.

3. Now create the spinning pointer by first gluing the tan tail top on the brown backing and then sticking the reddish brown tuft to the end. Punch a hole in the base of the assembled tail.

Paper Tail

4. Use the craft knife to cut a small slit in the very center of the game board. Next, attach the lion tail pointer to the board by inserting the paper fastener ends through the hole in the tail and the slit in the board. Spread the ends flat against the underside of the board, leaving the fastener just loose enough for the pointer to spin freely.

Spin the Lion Tail Board

5. Finally, print a Lion King fact and a related question about the parents-to-be on the blank side of each of the lion print cards. The questions can be open-ended or multiple choice. Then compile a list of answers on a sheet of paper. (Note: Print or photocopy multiple copies of the second template page until you have as many cards as you need.)

Here are some sample fact/questions to get you started:

~  Simba’s mother Sarabi’s name means “mirage.” What does [insert the mother’s name] mean?

~  Simba’s father Mufasa has brown eyes. What color eyes does [insert the father’s name] have?

~  Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog live a lifestyle called Hakuna Matata, which is worry free and easygoing. What is [insert the mother-to-be’s name]’s favorite pastime?

~  In the Lion King movie, the song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” plays when  Simba and Nala reunite as adults. What’s the name of [insert the parents-to-be’s names]’s favorite song?

~  Nala and Simba met as young cubs living in the Pride Lands. Where did [insert the parents-to-be’s names] first meet?

6. To play the game, divide the guests into two teams. Have someone from the first team spin the dial to see how many points they will score for answering a trivia question correctly. Another team member then turns over the top card and reads the question aloud. The team has 15 seconds to respond before the second team is up. Teams alternate turns in this way, and the first to accumulate a predetermined number of points wins the game.

For more Lion King fun, check out the official The Lion King site.

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