Simba Cub Tabletop Decoration

Fashioned from little more than colorful paper party plates, this cute cub card basket makes a lively addition to a baby shower gift table.

Simba Tabletop DecorationYou’ll need:
  • Template for Simba Cub Tabletop Decoration
  • Scissors
  • Tan cardstock
  • Four 7-inch yellow party paper plates*
  • Craft paper or scrapbook paper scraps, brown and pink
  • Glue stick
  • Glue dots
  • Small basket or decorative box

*While paper plates yield the best results for this craft by lending added dimension to the cub, you can use yellow cardstock in place of them, if preferred.


1. Print the first page of the template on plain paper and the second on tan cardstock. Then cut out the pieces. Use the nose and tail tuft pieces as patterns for cutting shapes from the specified colors of craft paper. Set the cutouts aside for now.

2. Next, trace the head template onto one of the yellow paper plates, lining up the lower edge with the plate rim. Cut out the tracing.

Head Template Cutout

3. Use the template pieces to cut the two ear shapes from the rim portion of another plate. Then glue the brown-and-tan inner ears atop them, as shown.

Ears Template Cutout

4. Prop the cardstock mouth against another portion of the plate rim. Trace around the bottom and sides of the mouth, and then draw lines extending from the top corners to the edge of the rim, as shown. Cut out the tracing, and glue the mouth to it. Then glue the pink paper nose in place.

Mouth Template Cutout
Mouth with Pink Paper Nose

5. Glue the completed mouth/nose to the head, attaching the lower edge to the plate rim (this will add dimension to the face). Next, glue the eyes in place. Finally, attach each of the ears, using glue dots to stick the lower edges to the back of the head.

Simba Face and Ears

6. For the cub’s haunches, fold a paper plate (or a yellow cardstock, if you’re not using plates) in half. Sandwich a few glue dots between the plate rim layers and pinch them together to hold.

Folded Yellow Paper Plate

7. Cut out the body shape as specified on the template, and glue it to the center front of the haunches.

Folded Paper Plate and Oval Body

8. Use glue dots to stick the chest and paw pieces in place.

Glued Chest and Paw Pieces

9. Glue the lower portion of the head to the top of the body.

10. For the tail, cut an 8-inch-long section from one of the leftover plate rims, tapering it slightly at one end. Glue the tail tuft pieces to the tapered end, sandwiching it between them. Glue the base of the tail to one side of the haunches.

Simba Paper Tail

11. Use a few glue dots to attach the assemble cub to the side of a small basket or box, and it’s ready to set on the gift table.

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