Share Your Celebration | A “Lola” Perfume Themed Baby Shower

Lovelies! I’m so excited to finally share some photos from my baby shower for Lola. Today Lola turned 10 months old! It is crazy to think that almost one year ago she was wiggling around in my belly while I sat surrounded by loved ones celebrating her upcoming arrival. Although Lola wasn’t named after the fragrance, her baby shower was inspired by Marc Jacobs’ Lola perfume. It was an idea I dreamed up after being inspired by my own bottle of the fragrance. My husband had long decided Lola was the perfect name for her and what better way to celebrate Lola than with a “Lola” themed soirée?

Since I love party planning my mom and my friends allowed me to be involved in the planning. The end result is a day that I will forever cherish and one day share with Lola as we look at photos and I remind her of how much she was loved by so many, even before they really knew her. Take a look at some of my favorite photos from my baby shower:

  • A Lola Themed Baby Shower

    A Lola Themed Baby Shower

    Here are some of my favorite photos from my Lola perfume themed baby shower.

  • The Venue

    The Venue

    Rather than having the shower at our house or a restaurant we opted for Sweetharts in Sherman Oaks, CA. It is a darling frozen yogurt and gelato shop. Not only do they have frozen treats, but they also have baked goods and candy too.

  • My Baby Bump

    My Baby Bump

    This was my belly during month 9! And in case you are wondering, I did get bigger.

  • Hydrangeas


    Peonies are my absolute favorite flower but to save money we opted for hydrangeas. They ended up being a beautiful addition to the party décor.

  • Perfume Bottles

    Perfume Bottles

    We used real perfume bottles in the décor (all but one were ones we already owned hence the half empty bottle). The colors set the tone for the décor used and worked beautifully with the décor at Sweetharts.

  • Party Shoes

    Party Shoes

    These tiny metallic shoes picked up on the gold details that were incorporated into the décor. They were placed, along with the perfume bottles, on my mother’s antique perfume tray.

  • L-O-L-A


    The letters used to spell Lola’s name were purchased from Michael’s arts and craft store and spray painted gold.

  • A Pretty Mirror and Wallpaper

    A Pretty Mirror and Wallpaper

    By picking a venue that had a lot of lovely details already it minimized the amount of decorations we needed to have on hand. The mirror and wallpaper made a beautiful backdrop for photos.

  • Cute Merchandise

    Cute Merchandise

    Sweetharts sells the cutest merchandise too!

  • Nail Polish

    Nail Polish

    My friend Ana purchased nail polish for all of the adults at the shower. The colors were handpicked to match the perfume bottles. There was also a candy station and Lip Smackers lip balm for the little ladies.

  • Sweet Station and Food Labels

    Sweet Station and Food Labels

    Labels (perfume samples) were also placed next to the candy and favors.

  • Food


    One of my favorite parts of our celebration was the food. After having morning (all day) sickness for most of my pregnancy, I was excited to eat some of my favorite foods. We ordered several types of sandwiches from Porto’s Bakery, and my friend Connie made some of her special salads.

  • Candy


    My friend Karla ordered my favorite candies and set up a darling (and delicious) sweet station!

  • Cupcakes


    We placed a custom order for cupcakes from A Sweet Design. Although my friend Tina was unable to attend the shower she still wanted to make sure my day was special, so she treated everyone to these delicious pretties. I had tasted these delicious cupcakes before but it was my first time having mini versions of them. It was just the right amount of sweetness since guests would also be treated to frozen yogurt.

  • An Edible Plaque

    An Edible Plaque

    A small but sweet detail.

  • Table Decor

    Table Decor

    A view of one of the tables.

  • Personalized  Touches

    Personalized Touches

    My friend Karen made special tags for prizes and hand painted a very special trinket box. It is something I cherish and know Lola will one day cherish as well.

  • Wishes for Baby and Big Sister

    Wishes for Baby and Big Sister

    Guests completed wish cards for both Lola and her big sister. It was a special way to include my oldest as it had been just she and I and later she, I and her father for so long. My most favorite moment from the shower was hearing some of these wishes read aloud. I still tear up when I think about or read them.

  • Prizes


    Prizes for the games included sweet pea floral scented soap and pink rubber ducks.

  • ABC’s


    An ABC Book was made for Lola using instant camera photos, pens, stickers, wasabi tape and scrap booking supplies from Joann’s.

  • Mommy and Big Sister

    Mommy and Big Sister

    If there was one person who might have been even more excited about Lola’s upcoming arrival than I was, it would have to be her big sister. Having a baby sister was her “dream come true.”

  • Me and My Mr.

    Me and My Mr.

    Of course daddy wasn’t going to miss out on all of the fun!

  • Some Instagrams

    Some Instagram and cell phone photos taken by me and some of my friends.

    See more photos on my blog His Mrs. Her Mr.

You can see more photos from my baby shower and find out vendor information on my blog His Mrs. Her Mr.! If you have a special celebration you’d like to share with us please contact me at Happy celebrating!

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