Real Baby Shower Inspiration: My Fall Themed Shower

I had my baby in January, but with all the holiday craziness going on, I ended up having a fall baby shower in early November. My friend Becca hosted it and it was perfectly fall-ish and completely cozy. The shower had a woodsy feel to it which I think it perfect for this season and I loved everything about it, so I thought I’d share it here in hopes of providing you with a bit of baby shower inspiration!

  • Real Baby Shower Inspiration: My Fall-Themed Shower

    Real Baby Shower Inspiration: My Fall-Themed Shower

    When I was pregnant, I was lucky enough to have some wonderful friends who threw me a fantastic baby shower. The feel was cute, comfy-cozy and ever-so-perfectly fall and I thought I’d share some photos and tips from it in case any of you are looking for inspiration for a fall shower you’ll be hosting! Enjoy!

  • Create foliage vignettes

    Create foliage vignettes

    This little vignette has twigs and ferns in it because, I was naming my baby Fern, but you could absolutely switch them out for bunches of fall leaves, or mums or whatever you deem to be appropriately fall-ish. Once you fill your vases, then light a few candles and throw in some yarn-wrapped letters for the baby-to-be’s initials to give it all a cozy feel!

  • DIY pom pom favors

    DIY pom pom favors

    There are tutorials all over the internet for how to make pom poms – they are fairly simple and inexpensive to make. My friend put the pom poms she made on sticks she scavenged and then tied them together with some cute baker’s twine to make little bouquet favors. The guests loved them and I still have mine in a vase in my baby’s nursery!

  • Knit garlands

    Knit garlands

    Buy a few balls of yarn and get finger knitting (tutorials for this can be found on YouTube and it’s really easy)! Pick yarn that goes with the color scheme of the shower and knit long strands to hang as garlands at the party. You can also hang bunches of fall leaves or pine cones from the garlands for added visual interest.

  • Stick with cozy comfort foods

    Stick with cozy comfort foods

    My baby shower was a brunch, which felt so perfectly fall, because all of the foods were warm comfort foods: french toast, cinnamon scones, egg casserole, blueberry muffins and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. So delicious – and nothing says fall quite like breakfast baked goods.

  • Host a hot chocolate bar

    Host a hot chocolate bar

    The guests at my shower were treated to the most amazing hot chocolate bar. Homemade hot chocolate with a variety of fixings to add in: peppermint sticks, peppermint chocolates and truffles. You could definitely get creative with it.

  • Teach your guests how to knit

    Teach your guests how to knit

    Teaching your guests how to finger knit will give them something to do during the present-opening segment of the baby shower – thus making it less awkward – and will also add a definite feeling of fall (knitting = totally cozy fall activity). After the shower all the finger knit strands can be given to the mama to use as decor in her little one’s nursery should she choose to use it. I have some hanging in Fern’s nursery still.

  • Chalkboard messages

    Chalkboard messages

    Give your guests chalk and let them show their creative side by writing messages to Mama and Baby and then posing for photos in front of the chalkboard. The photos will make a great keepsake.


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