Spot On: A Bodysuit Baby Shower Game

This is a great baby shower game that’s simple and fun for the whole group. Use solid-colored bodysuits and fabric paint to create geometrically-designed, polka dot outfits that are perfect for baby girls or boys.

Painted Polka Dot Bodysuits

You’ll need:

  • Disney Cuddly Bodysuit™ Solids
  • Several sheets of cardboard (like cereal boxes)
  • Assorted fabric paints
  • Paint containers (paper plates would work just fine)
  • A box of new pencils
  • Paper towels


1. Each guest works on a bodysuit and starts by cutting the cardboard to fit inside the bodysuit. It should approximately be letter-size. The cardboard will prevent any paint from seeping to the second layer of fabric.

Bodysuits, Paints and Supplies

2. If guests are unfamiliar with painting fabric simple stripe designs can be an easy way to start. Make sure to wipe off any paint that accumulates on the sides of the eraser.

Bodysuit with Painted Stripe Design

3. Another basic but striking option is to use contrasting colors around the necklines and sleeves.

Bodysuit with Painted Collar Design

4. Other simple designs like circles, zig-zags, geometric shapes or flowers are designs that can be painted by anyone with any crafty experience.

Bodysuit with Painted Circle and Zigzag Designs

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