Pit Stop Pack Party Favors

These simple no-sew felt packs are perfect for carrying little essentials, such as toddler utensils or teething biscuits and/or toys. Plus, they’re a cinch to create. The pouch seams are simply hot-glued together, and the Lightning McQueen features are cut from sticky-back felt and pressed in place.

You’ll need:

  • Template for Pit Stop Pack Party Favors
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Red felt (5½ – by 12-inch rectangle for each pack)
  • Black felt
  • Sticky-back felt (white, red, and yellow)
  • White thread and sewing needle
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Hot glue gun

Instructions (for each pack):

1. Print out the template and use the pieces as patterns to cut out the shapes from the specified colors and types of felt.

2. Use the thread and needle to sew two or three overlapped stitches in each black eye circle, knotting the thread on the underside of the felt and trimming the ends short. This adds a small glint that makes the eyes look more dimensional. Set the eyes aside for now.

3. Place the red felt on a flat surface with the short ends at the top and bottom. Fold the felt 4 inches from the bottom, and hot glue the side edges together to create a pouch.


4. Fold the top of the felt over onto the pouch front (the edge should fall an inch or so above the bottom fold). Press the sticky-back windshield felt in place on the pouch flap and then hot glue the eyes onto the windshield.

5. Press the windshield trim and headlights in place on the felt. Then stick the mouth to the bottom of the pouch right below the flap.

For more Cars fun, check out the official Cars site.

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