One Totally Unique, Personalized Baby Gift

When I was pregnant with my first baby, my extremely creative sister-in-law gave me the most precious gift. She made me my very own version of Brown Bear, Brown Bear titled, “Baby, Baby, Who Do You See?” Each page included a recent photo of a family member — ranging in age from 78 years old to 3 years old.


To this day — over six years later, my kids love to look at it and talk about how different people looked back when Big was born. shower gift book

I loved the idea so much, I’ve made it for a couple of friends along the way.  At a recent shower, I had all the guests with kids contribute pictures (you can collect email addresses at the shower, then the book can be gifted at a later date).

I’ve discovered that it can be very handmade (and chewable) or very easily done with an online photo service (beautiful, but less sturdy).

Here’s how to create yours.

(For the DIY version, simply create the following pages on craft paper or with a design program like PicMonkey, then have each page laminated—after Step 4!—and spiral bound at a local office services store.)

Step 1: Gather digital pictures of everybody you want to include. Upload the pictures to a photo book site and choose a design that allows for a single picture and text on each page. (Or you can skip the text and write it in by hand when the photo book arrives.)

Step 2: Create a page for each picture. The first sentence of the text will include the name of the person whose picture is featured on this page. The second sentence of text will include the name of the person featured on the following page.

inside shower book

[Person on this page], [Person on this page], who do you see? I see [Person on the next page] looking at me.” Continue this until you run out of people. On the last person’s page, change it to, “[Last person], [Last person], who do you see? I see [“baby” or baby’s name] looking at me.

Step 3: Create the last page with no photo, just the words, “Yay [“Baby” or baby’s name]!” Be sure there’s room to the side, above, or below the text for the next step. [Note: At this point, if you’re creating the book online, it’s ready to be ordered.]

Step 4: Alongside “Yay Baby!” you add a “mirror”. Simply cut a piece of metallic/mirrored scrapbook paper to size and glue it in to the last page (I use spray glue which leaves a bit of condensation on the mirror while it’s drying, but it’s easy to wipe off. Now Baby will see herself when you read, “Yay Baby!” (You can also use this paper on the cover to make it more interactive.)

I hope you and your expectant friends and family enjoy this for years to come like we have!

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