Lion King Cake

There’s no better occasion than a baby shower to serve up a special dessert that pays tribute to the circle of life.

Lion King Cake

You’ll need:

  • Four 8-inch round baked cakes
  • Yellow frosting
  • 2-inch square of yellow fondant
  • Rolling pin
  • Wax paper
  • Small pastry brush or new craft paintbrush
  • Orange food coloring
  • Template for Lion King Cake
  • Black edible decorating paper (sold in the cake decorating aisle at craft stores and large department stores)*
  • Kitchen scissors
  • Yellow decorating sugar
  • Yellow M&M’s candies or other hard-shelled candies

*Edible decorating paper is a cinch to use but, if you prefer, you can use black fondant (rolled thin) and specialty cookie cutters to create the animal silhouettes instead.


1. Stack the cakes, frosting between all the layers. Then, spread an initial coat of frosting on the top and sides of the cake, just thick enough to seal in the crumbs. Set the cake aside for a while to allow the frosting to harden. Then spread on a second coat of frosting.


2. Roll the fondant out between sheets of wax paper so that it’s just 1/4 inch thick or so, and cut out a large oval setting sun shape to fit the front of the cake. Don’t worry about making the upper edge a perfect arc (it will actually look more realistic if it’s not), but trim the bottom of the oval flat so that it will match the lower edge of the cake. Now press the fondant sun in place against the cake front, smoothing it so that it lies flat against the icing.

3. Dilute a few drops of the food coloring with water and use the pastry brush or paintbrush to add a few orangey “cloud” streaks across the sun.

4. Next, print the template and use the images as patterns for cutting the animal shapes from the black edible decorating paper. Leave the backing on the paper until after you cut out the shapes and then carefully peel it off. Note: Be sure to keep the cutouts between sheets of plastic to prevent them from drying out before you’re ready to place them on the cake.

5. From the remaining edible decorating paper, cut a 1-inch or so border for the bottom of the cake, and gently and evenly press it in place. Tip: If needed, add a few thin dabs of leftover frosting to the back of the decorating paper to help it stick better to the fondant.

6. Next, apply the animal cutouts to the side of the cake, arranging them in a procession along the top of the border. Again, use thin dabs of frosting to stick them to the fondant, if needed.

7. For the finishing touch, add a yellow candy border around the upper edge of the cake, and sprinkle yellow decorating sugar on the top.

For more Lion King fun, check out the official The Lion King site.

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