Let’s Party! | Little Golden Book First Birthday Party

Baby’s first birthday is an event we anticipate for months.  It’s fun to plan out the details that will commemorate the special day.  Joy Wilson of Nashville Moms knew that a vintage Little Golden Books themed first birthday party would be perfect for Baby Dylan. The party featured delicate handmade details and lovely vintage thrifted finds. The event was laced with sentimental touches. The party was sweet, simple, and just right for the little party girl and her guests.  Click through to see all the beautiful work Joy and her mother put into creating this special party.

  • You're Invited

    You're Invited

    Inspired by the sweet Little Golden Book cover of “Baby’s Birthday”, mother Joy Wilson designed these whimsical invitations for her daughter’s first birthday.

  • Sweet and Simple

    Sweet and Simple

    The sweet simplicity of this party speaks volumes. Book page pinwheels, a stack of Little Golden Books, beautiful homemade birthday cakes, and repurposed nursery décor, come together for an elegant display. The invitation displayed is actually a guest book! Such a special keepsake.

  • Little Lovies

    Little Lovies

    Realizing this is a party for little ones, a basket of soft lovies was set out for the tiny guests to play with and enjoy.

  • Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday

    The letters for the “Happy Birthday Dylan” garland were hand-cut by Joy and her mother. The font is an ode to the family’s favorite sports team.

  • Sentimental Details

    Sentimental Details

    This lovely bookshelf handmade by Dylan’s grandfather, was brought out from her nursery to be used as décor and to hold some more play things for the little guests. The large pink Little Golden Book on the mantel used to be read to Joy when she was a young girl.

  • Party Hats

    Party Hats

    Book pages are used to make these decorative party hats. The birthday girl’s hat receives a bit of embellishment with playful pom-poms.

  • Little Nibbles

    Little Nibbles

    The food for the party was as delicate and well done as the rest of the party. The spread consisted of cucumber sandwiches, pimento cheese sandwiches, rice krispy treats with white chocolate, pepperoni bread, veggies and ranch, clementines, string cheese and crackers, and more.

  • Tasty Details

    Tasty Details

    The bright and fresh veggies pop against the vintage floral tablecloth. The bell pepper used as a dip bowl is a great waste-free touch.

  • Vintage Inspired Favors

    Vintage Inspired Favors

    The handmade details of this party carried over into the tote bags that were created from vintage linens. The little guests were allowed to pick one Little Golden Book to add to their bag that already included bubbles and a silly straw.

  • Reusable Monogram

    Reusable Monogram

    A ready made cardboard letter gets a face lift with decoupage book pages. What was first used as party decorations, found a new home as nursery décor when the party was over.

  • Birthday Girl

    Birthday Girl

    Even the birthday girl matched the theme perfectly. Sparkling blue eyes, soft golden hair, and golden dot dress made her look as though she just stepped off the pages of a Little Golden Book.

  • Opening Gifts

    Opening Gifts

    Baby Dylan and Mama enjoy the company of close friends and family as they turn through the pages of a new book.

  • Birthday Gift Tradition

    Birthday Gift Tradition

    First birthdays are an excellent time to begin birthday traditions. As music lovers, Dylan’s parents will gift her a very special record that she gets to take with her when she grows up and leaves the nest one day.

  • Smash Cake

    Smash Cake

    A “smash cake” is a popular feature of first birthday parties. Instead of actually smashing her homemade cake, Joy felt “dainty little proper cake eater” best suited Baby Dylan.

  • Birthday Girl

    Birthday Girl

    To catch every last detail of this beautiful handcrafted Little Golden Books first birthday, head over to Nashville Moms for more pictures and information.







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