Inspiring Idea | A Virtual Baby Shower!

My sweet friend Kylene is so brilliant. When faced with the challenge of throwing a baby shower for her sister who is a military wife that has moved many times and has close friends spread across the country, Kylene came up with the brilliant idea to have a “virtual baby shower”. Kylene knew that there was no way to get everyone in one place at the same time. But when a family vacation was planned, inspiration struck! “When it came time to plan a baby shower for her, we were at a loss on where to actually host it. It just didn’t seem like anywhere was going to work. But then we realized everyone could participate in ‘The Cloud’!” recalls Kylene.  Click through to find out how she pulled it off!

  • Surprise! A Virtual Baby Shower!

    Surprise! A Virtual Baby Shower!

    This mom-to-be was surprised when her family threw her a virtual baby shower during their family vacation. Friends from around the country knew in advance and sent cards and gifts for the occasion.
    Image by Kylene and Ryan Studios

  • Decorate a Special Spot

    Decorate a Special Spot

    The family decorated and had everything ready to go. Friends and family from across the country were set up to say hello and watch the mom-to-be open cards and gifts via video chat!
    Image by Kylene and Ryan Studios

  • Video Conference Brings Everyone Together!

    Video Conference Brings Everyone Together!

    The mom-to-be got to open cards and gifts as the friends and family who sent them watched and chatted with her over video conferencing. This way she was able to connect with those nearest and dearest to her, no matter the distance between them!
    Image by Kylene and Ryan Studios

  • The Perfect Virtual Shower

    The Perfect Virtual Shower

    “Over the course of a month, her friends bought a gift off her registry and had it shipped to a secret spot.” says Kylene, who hosted this amazing virtual shower. Have friends and family in on the secret and make sure to plan in advance!
    Image by Kylene and Ryan Studios


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