Ingrid Grey Turns One: A Birthday Brunch for Hunny Bunny

Last week, my little Ingrid Grey (Iggy Pop, as we sometimes like to call her) turned a year old. To celebrate, we had a little bunny brunch with family and friends. Click through to see some of the sweet little details from this DIY celebration!

  • Our Hunny Bunny is ONE!

    Our Hunny Bunny is ONE!

    Click through for the sweet (& tasty!!) details of my daughter’s first birthday party!

  • A Feast!

    A Feast!

    Here’s just a snippet of the food table. We had everything from bunny cookies and bacon-wrapped dates to happy yogurt and ruffle birthday cake!

  • Pretty Decor

    Pretty Decor

    I wanted a simple, but pretty decor. Fresh flowers and a tissue paper garland gave me just the look I was hoping for…

  • Birthday Cake

    Birthday Cake

    Who made that beautiful ruffle cake, you ask?! Well, I did, of course! After a watching a few tutorials, I think it turned out pretty great!

  • The Invitations

    The Invitations

    I made these little embossed bunny faces with a handmade stamp and kraft paper cards. Too cute, am I right?!

  • An Easy DIY

    An Easy DIY

    This little garland added the perfect touch to our brunch. Just search “tissue paper garland” and you’ll find plenty of tutorials that show you how to make it.

  • The Kids' Table

    The Kids' Table

    I covered our dinner table with brown kraft paper and left chalk out so the kiddos could have some fun. That bowl in the middle is full of “bunny tails” – or jumbo marshmallows. :)

  • Sweet Treats

    Sweet Treats

    Here are some close-ups of the bunny cookies and the donut tree. Both were a hit at the party!!!

  • Brunch Punch

    Brunch Punch

    I served the drinks in old Starbucks frappuccino bottles, then tied them all with twine and added a cute straw. The old drawer was a last-minute detail and I LOVE how it turned out!

  • Happy Yogurt

    Happy Yogurt

    The kids loved this “happy yogurt” – AKA vanilla yogurt with pink sprinkles!

  • Pink Berries

    Pink Berries

    A added a little food coloring to some almond bark to create these dipped strawberries. A tasty treat, for sure!

  • Bacon-Wrapped Dates

    Bacon-Wrapped Dates

    If you think you don’t like dates, think again! These little babies were gone in a flash…

  • Blueberry Scones

    Blueberry Scones

    These mini scones were so delicious. They even had bits of white chocolate in them!

  • Mini Quiche

    Mini Quiche

    My mother made these little treats in 3 different varieties. They were the perfect finger food!

  • Fruit Salad

    Fruit Salad

    It can’t get any easier (or more beautiful) than fruit salad. This blackberry, blueberry, honeydew, and mint salad was delish!

  • My Favorite Moment

    My Favorite Moment

    When everyone started singing “Happy Birthday,” Ingrid got the biggest smile on her face. I think she finally realized it was all for her!

  • YUM


    This was by far the most beautiful cake I’ve ever made. It was a simple white cake filled with raspberry preserves and topped with Swiss meringue buttercream.

  • Big Sister Helps Out

    Big Sister Helps Out

    Before Ingrid dug into her cake, Adair (big sister) had to show her how to do it!

  • Here goes!

    Here goes!

    Timid at first, she dug right in!

  • Happy Birthday Baby!!!

    Happy Birthday Baby!!!

    Pink icing was all over her face, in her hair, and behind her ears. Evidence of a good time, for sure…

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