How to Be a Friend to a Mom on Bed Rest

I recently shared some tips for moms on bed rest here on Disney Baby. But having spent 8 weeks in bed, I actually have a lot of people ask me how to help a friend who’s been put on bed rest. What did I need? How did people help and encourage me?

I asked a few friends who had also been through it, and they had tons of great ideas to add. I hope these help you support your friends during a challenging time.

  • Home is Where Your Friend Is

    Home is Where Your Friend Is

    Since your friend will be spending all her time at home, here are some ways to make life a bit more comfortable there.

  • Bring Some Humor to the Walls

    Bring Some Humor to the Walls

    Decorate her room with photos, including some funny ones and special memories.

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  • Make Her Bed

    Make Her Bed

    After being sedentary for so many hours, a freshly made bed feels surprisingly good.

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  • Double Your Order

    Double Your Order

    Heading out on an errand (or on a coffee run)? Give her a call to see if you can pick something up while you’re out.

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  • Do Some Chores

    Do Some Chores

    Drop in and do light housework (dishes, laundry, etc). Or, if you live far away, hire someone to come by a couple times to help out.

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  • Don't Forget to Call

    Don't Forget to Call

    The days drag on when you’re stuck in bed. Be a friendly distraction along the way.

  • Sweet Somethings

    Sweet Somethings

    Drop by, call, or set up a Skype chat. Or send funny or sweet cards in the mail.

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  • Share the Good Stuff

    Share the Good Stuff

    Email lists of your favorite (happy) movies or playlists.

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  • Do the Honey Dos

    Do the Honey Dos

    Ask for the baby prep to-do list and check off an item or two. Hang things on the wall. Make up the crib. Pick up those few things left on the registry.

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  • Pick Up Some Slack

    Pick Up Some Slack

    Bed rest isn’t just hard on Mom. Keep the whole family in mind.

  • Bring Groceries

    Bring Groceries

    And if you have time, stick around to make dinner and keep them company.

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  • Entertain the Wee Ones

    Entertain the Wee Ones

    If she has other children, play with them. Either come by the house to keep her company, or if she needs a break, take the kids out. Offer the kids rides to school, activities, parties, etc.

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  • Don't Forget Dad

    Don't Forget Dad

    He needs distraction and company now too!

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  • Send a Little Love

    Send a Little Love

    If you’re far away, but want to show you’re thinking of her, here are some ideas.

  • Bored, But Beautiful

    Bored, But Beautiful

    She’ll enjoy little distractions like lip gloss, nail polish, and magazines.

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  • Listen Up

    Listen Up

    Loan her your iPod filled with entertaining playlists and audio books. One friend also enjoyed listening to uplifting sermons from her minister.

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  • The Gift of Choice

    The Gift of Choice

    Consider getting her a subscription to download movies, or a gift card to order books online.

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  • Comfort Items

    Comfort Items

    Think soft and cuddly — blankets, sweatshirts, and cozy jammies. Be sure they fit that growing belly and are appropriate for drop-in visitors.

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  • It's Almost Time

    It's Almost Time

    While the baby’s condition may be sensitive for awhile, once the doctor has given Mom good news, plan a shower.

  • Bring the Spa to Her

    Bring the Spa to Her

    Consider having a local salon come to her house for manicures and pedicures. They may charge extras, but guests can pay for their own services and, as the host, you can pay for the guest of honor.

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  • Plan a Girls' Night *In*

    Plan a Girls' Night *In*

    Enjoy takeout, cupcakes, baby talk, and friends.

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  • Or Breakfast in Bed

    Or Breakfast in Bed

    Keep it casual by coming over in your pjs and enjoying some morning treats.

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What have you done to help a friend on bed rest?

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