Halloween Popcorn Favors

October can be a busy month full of celebrations and gatherings. If you’re hosting a Halloween themed event you’ll need an easy and yummy favor that can be made ahead of time. Festively wrapped popcorn balls are a fun favor for play dates, Halloween birthday parties, and October baby showers. The directions are simple and you’ll love the result: adorable old-fashioned candy shaped balls that your guests will eat up.


Use your favorite recipe for caramel popcorn. Shape handfuls of caramel popcorn into balls. Let cool and harden. Trim the bottom seam off of regular, clear-plastic party favor bags. Then slip each popcorn ball into the center of a bag and twist-tie both ends shut. Finish by tying on several decorative ribbons. (Please use caution and don’t serve these to children that are too young to chew and swallow popcorn.)

Photography by Bettijo B. Hirschi. For more party ideas like this one, check out Brittany’s blog One Charming Party.

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