Our Baby Girl’s Monster Themed First Birthday Party

My second daughter is one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. She constantly thinks of others before herself, shares generously, and can melt her daddy’s (and mama’s!) heart with a single smile. Without a doubt she’s our little princess. However, from her early newborn days we quickly realized that her personality was that of…a… well, a monster! She rarely cried, slept through the night, and ate all she was offered. Yet there was something about her that just earned the nickname “monster”. It may have had something to do with her explosive tantrums that would leave us in awe of their magnitude. But once that itty bitty 4-toothed grin would appear, we we’re puddles. As her first birthday rolled around, I knew we had to have a monster bash!

  • Baby Girl Monster First Birthday

    Baby Girl Monster First Birthday

    Our sweet little monster on her first birthday complete with handmade monster horns.

  • Monster Cut-Out Board

    Monster Cut-Out Board

    This party became the biggest DIY of my mommy years. I made nearly all of the games used for the party. This little blue guy was hands down my favorite. With the help of my dad, we fashioned this bean bag toss board out of MDF, paint, and some hinges.

  • Monster Board Bean Bag Toss

    Monster Board Bean Bag Toss

    The kids, especially our little birthday girl, had a blast tossing in handmade bean bag into the monster’s mouth. Best part, he never lost a tooth!

  • Monster Coloring Pages

    Monster Coloring Pages

    The single best party trick to keep children entertained for a while is coloring pages! The kids colored to their heart’s content and then displayed their creations on the window. More party decor!

    Coloring pages available from a million ideas

  • DIY Streamer Bunting

    DIY Streamer Bunting

    Nothing says party like “streamers”, but I wanted to use them in a new way. I used these DIY bunting steps as my guide. It added such a wonderful and festive touch!

  • Pin the Hat on the Monster

    Pin the Hat on the Monster

    Using my coloring pages as inspiration, I fashioned this game entirely out of felt. The kiddos loved wearing the three-eyed felt blindfold in an attempt to land a hat on the monster’s head.

  • Monster Knock-Out Game

    Monster Knock-Out Game

    With a little bit more felt and some empty baby snack containers, these mini monsters were born! The kids knocked them down with homemade bean bags. Find all the
    tutorials for the monster party games and decor here.

  • Photo Booth With Monster Props

    Photo Booth With Monster Props

    A great souvenir for your party guests are themed photo booth pictures. I tacked up fabric and set out monster props for our guests to use. These cuties didn’t scare anyone but walked away with fun pictures.

  • Monster Dessert Table

    Monster Dessert Table

    I love to bake and parties are the perfect time to go all out. All the desserts for the party were homemade! Get all the details about the
    monster dessert table here.

  • DIY Cupcake Toppers

    DIY Cupcake Toppers

    Another easy DIY to match the theme! Circle punches in two sizes, some wooden picks, and a sheet of printable monsters gave way to these fun cupcake toppers.

  • Monster Smash Cake

    Monster Smash Cake

    The only thing I didn’t make myself was the smash cake, though looking at it, you’d think otherwise! No worries, this little guy was meant to be squished between the fingers of our little monster.

  • My Little Monster

    My Little Monster

    Loved the party? Find every single last detail of this diy monster party on my blog.

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