Gender Neutral Baby Shower – What Will It Bee?

When we decided not to find out what the gender of baby #3 was, a couple of people jokingly asked “But how will your family and friends be able to plan a shower for you?”  While not knowing if Baby is a boy or a girl makes things a bit more complicated, it also gives your loved ones a chance to be more creative, and I knew my sister, the main coordinator of my shower, would be up for the challenge.  She proved me right and my gender neutral shower, from the initial impression of the invitation, to the ending of the sweet desserts, made me and baby number 3 feel loved and cherished.  And it left us all guessing, “What Will It Bee?”

  • What Will It Bee Invitation

    What Will It Bee Invitation

    When guests received this whimsical, yet classic invitation, they were informed right away that the gender of baby #3 was a surprise, so there was no wondering whether to buy a gift for a boy or a girl. They were invited to dress in the color of their prediction, be it pink for a girl or blue for a boy. The majority dressed in blue for my shower!

  • Setting the Tone

    Setting the Tone

    My sister and family hosted the shower in my backyard because of the abundance of shade. They kept the decor very minimal, playing off the colors of the yellow, black and white invite. White tablecloths were used throughout, with pale yellow overlays. Simple sunflower centerpieces in mason jars gave the pop of black and also lent a casual feel to the party.

  • The Themed Favor

    The Themed Favor

    The favors were placed outdoors at each guest’s place setting. Sweet little pots of honey with a personalized label, and then tied with a black satin ribbon, fit in perfectly and reinforced the theme.

  • The Sweet Banner

    The Sweet Banner

    Before guests went outside, they had to walk through the house, so the decor to greet them had to tie in with the theme as well. Above the food station hung this sweet and color coordinated, handmade paper banner with the saying of the day “What Will It Bee?”.

  • Baby Onesies As Decor

    Baby Onesies As Decor

    Hanging baby onesies on a clothesline is a classic, yet practical decor choice for a baby shower. In coordinated colors, these onesies have now been washed and folded, ready to be worn by baby when he or she makes its appearance into this world. Wearable decor, how smart is that?

  • The Food Table

    The Food Table

    Not wanting to make the food table too complicated, a couple of simple sunflower centerpieces were set out, with a white tablecloth. Simple yet still elegant.

  • The Dessert Station

    The Dessert Station

    Perhaps even more important than food at a shower are the desserts! Instead of a traditional cake, my family offered a dessert station filled with color coordinated mini desserts including mini cupcakes, cake lollipops and mini tarts. To add some dimension, color coordinated candies were also used as decor, and were of course fun to eat. A jar or two of sunflowers helped to fill any empty spaces on the table.

  • Tiered Desserts

    Tiered Desserts

    A simple and easy way to add dimension, and increase space, is to use a tiered stand to stack food and sweets. We placed the most fun and popular desserts on this tray because it’s the place people tend to gravitate towards first.

  • Games and Gifts

    Games and Gifts

    Because most of the attendees at my shower were all mothers of young children, my sister gave priority to mingling and talking without the distraction of children, so only one quick game of guess the size of the belly was played. After guests played the game, we sat down for dessert and gift opening. The most interesting thing about having a gender neutral shower though was how few clothes I received. At most showers, clothes are the first choice in gift giving, but I only received 1 outfit! The rest were all practical items baby and I needed, which was so nice!

  • Feeling Loved

    Feeling Loved

    No matter what the theme or decor my shower was, what was most important was the love and care these ladies put into making me and baby number three feel loved and special. My sister, mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-law put thought and love into each detail, and no matter blue, pink, yellow or green, that was what meant the most to me!

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