first birthday glittery candles

Decorate your own first birthday glittery candle — and pick the color to match your party! If you’re worried about glitter getting all over your frosting, here is a solution: edible glitter. The glitter still sparkles like crazy, but it is safe to eat, so you won’t mind one bit if it gets on everything. See below for the glitter candle instructions.

You will need: ModPodge (or other non-toxic craft glue), edible glitter, plain number birthday candle available at party and grocery stores

Using a clean paintbrush, cover the front of the candle with a thin coat of ModPodge.


Cover just outside the lines of the candle color, covering up the red outline too. Sometimes the wax will cause it to bead up slightly, just keep recoating until it is covered.

Sprinkle with a good coat of glitter and tap off excess. Let dry. Flip and do the other side of the number candle. Let dry. Use a clean, dry paintbrush to brush off any excess glitter.

Pop this sparkly little number in a cupcake or on top of a birthday cake and make a wish!

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