Finding Nemo Diaper Cake

Embellished with colorful clownfish stripes, this gift stash of newborn diapers will certainly go over swimmingly with the mom-to-be.

You’ll need:

  • 54 Huggies (Little Snugglers) diapers
  • 54 small rubber bands
  • 10 large rubber bands
  • Three 7-inch-long wooden dowel lengths
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Orange, black, and white flat ribbon in assorted widths
  • Orange, black, and white curling ribbon
  • White pipe cleaners
  • Orange, black, and white buttons in assorted sizes (with buttonholes large enough to fit the pipe cleaners through)


1. One at a time, open each diaper, roll it up snuggly, and secure it with a small rubber band.


2. Now create the top layer of the “cake” by standing a single rolled diaper on end and encircling it with five more. Bind the six diapers together with two large rubber bands, positioning one band an inch or so from the top of the diaper circle and the other equidistant from the bottom. Next, arrange twelve additional diapers around the circumference and bind them in place with another pair of large rubber bands. Tip: Face the loose ends of the rolled diapers toward the center of the cake so the outside looks smooth and uniform.

3. For the bottom layer, repeat step 2. Then arrange eighteen additional diapers around the circumference and bind them in place.

4. Stack the two cake layers and secure them together by inserting the wooden dowel lengths between the diapers in three places and gently pushing them down so that the tops are level with the cake top.

5. Decorate the assembled cake by tightly wrapping lengths of the wide orange ribbon around each of the two layers, using a bit of hot glue to hold the overlapped ends together. Top each orange stripe with narrower layers of black and white ribbon.

6. For the cake top, arrange the buttons in tri-colored stacks. For each stack, bend a pipe cleaner in half and thread the ends through the buttonholes. Then twist the pipe cleaner ends together and tuck them down between the diapers so that the buttons are about a half-inch or so above the cake.

7. Finally, embellish the cake top with lengths of curled ribbon, simply tucking the centers between the diapers and allowing the ends to drape over the side.

For more Nemo fun, check out the official Finding Nemo site.

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