Disney Princess Printable Castle Centerpiece

Top your table with a fabulous castle centerpiece. Just print, cut out and assemble our ready-made template and you’ll soon be astonishing guests throughout the kingdom.

Princess Castle Centerpiece


1. Print 2 copies of page one and 2 copies of page two. Every other page, print 1 copy.

2. Cut out all the pieces.


3. Trace the centerpiece base template onto a piece of pink craft foam and cut it out. You can use cardboard and construction paper if you do not have foam. Set the foam base aside for later.

4. You have 2 front castles and 2 back castles. Fold all the tabs toward you. Glue one front castle to the white side of a back castle without getting glue on the tabs. Do the same with the remaining front and back castles.

5. For both pieces of the middle castle, fold the tabs toward you. Glue the middle castles back to back without getting glue on the tabs.

6. Butterfly the tabs of the middle castle and glue them to the very middle of the castle base. Butterfly the tabs of the back of the castle and glue them behind the middle of the castle. Butterfly the tabs on the front castle and glue them in front of the middle castle.

7. Fold a separator in half and butterfly the tabs at both ends. Glue the backs together. Do not glue the tabs together, instead glue the tabs between the back and middle castle. Repeat this with the second separator and glue it between the front and middle castles.

8. Fold the tabs of the crowns back. Taking one crown, place glue on the white side of all the tabs and wrap the crown around the front half of the castle base, gluing the tabs under the base. Repeat this with the second crown, wrapping and gluing it around the back half of the base.

click here to download the centerpiece

For more Princess fun, check out the official Disney Princess site.

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