10 Fun Treats for a Halloween-Themed Baby Shower

Halloween is a fun time to throw a baby shower as there are so many ideas you can play with and integrate into your special day. Have your guests dress up, paint your belly, decorate the house in spooky decorations – your options are endless!

Although there are plenty of fun activities and decorating ideas for a Halloween shower, food is one of the most important additions to any and every party. I’ve rounded up 10 sweet and savory treats that would be great for any Disney Halloween themed baby shower. Deadman’s Finger Sandwiches anyone?

  • Poison Apples

    Poison Apples

    Queen Grimhilde dunked that infamous apple into a green potion before handing one to Snow White. These cookies are covered in a green frosting and we can assure you they won’t put you to sleep. Find the recipe over at Spoonful.

  • Captain Hook Cake

    Captain Hook Cake


    Captain Hook is scary, but not too scary. Directions on how to make this fabulous cake are surprisingly simple and can be found on Spoonful.

  • Swamp Juice

    Swamp Juice

    The Princess & The Frog was set in New Orleans and well, there are plenty of swamps in NOLA! This swamp juice is delicious, slightly creepy but not-so-scary. You can find the entire recipe over at Spoonful.

  • Deadman's Finger Sandwiches

    Deadman's Finger Sandwiches

    These are in fact Deadman’s fingers. Perfect for a witch’s brew! The sandwiches are healthy and have a yum factor that adults and kids of all ages will love. Find more info over on

  • Donald's Candy Corn Cookies

    Donald's Candy Corn Cookies

    Donald Duck’s neighborhood is full of corn. These may not be your traditional cracked kernels, but for Halloween I think the sweet frosted version will work well. Find the information on Spoonful.

  • Ursula's Octopus Cupcakes

    Ursula's Octopus Cupcakes

    The sea witch Ursula was a real doozy. These mini octopus cupcakes are replicated after the witch from Little Mermaid, but unlike Ursula, these ones are super sweet. Find the entire recipe over on Spoonful.

  • Potato Mice

    Potato Mice

    “Cinderelly, Cinderelly!” Those sweet little mice helped out Cinderella quite a bit during her struggles. These snack versions are yummy, filling and a great lunch idea. Find out how to make them by visiting

  • Cheesy Fingers

    Cheesy Fingers

    Witches always seem to have wrinkled fingers and green nails. At least these ones are nutritious! Use them in any shower geared around an evil witch. Find out more information on how to make these three ingredient snacks over on Spoonful.

  • Forest Eyes

    Forest Eyes

    The forest was flowing with creepy eyes when Snow White was banished by the Evil Queen. These cupcakes scream “I’m watching you” and provide a fun addition to your spooky party. Find more information on how to make them, over on

  • Salty Bones

    Salty Bones

    Pluto loves bones and so will you after making these savory treats. Yes they are baked at home, but you honestly won’t believe how easy they are to make! Find all instructions, directions and ingredients over at Spoonful.

The wonderful Selena Burgess put together a great round-up of Halloween cupcakes (some of which are Disney-themed) earlier this month, so be sure to check out her post for even more ideas!

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