Cute and Easy DIY Baby Shower OR Birthday Party Invitations

I’ve hosted many baby showers and birthday parties in my day, so I know first hand that they can get very expensive, very quickly. Because of this, it’s nice to save money where you can, and invitations are a great place to do that.

Looking at all the DIY baby shower invitation ideas on the internet can be a bit overwhelming and leave you feeling ill-equipped especially if you’re a DIY novice. But, have no fear! I’m actually not the most crafty person ever, but I like to save money and give things a personalized feel, so I end up finding the easiest way to make something that will have maximum impact. This is good news for you, because you can rest assured that all of the DIY projects I will ever post will be inexpensive and easy to make – even for those of you with the most limited crafting skill set.

So, let’s get started!

  • Cute and Easy DIY Invitations

    Cute and Easy DIY Invitations

    7 variations on DIY invitations for your next birthday party or baby shower (or really any event) using only a few simple craft supplies!

  • Gather your supplies

    Gather your supplies

    For all of these invitations you’ll need the following supplies: *baker’s twine (I got mine at Crate & Barrel), *washi tape (mine is from Michael’s), brown craft paper, scissors, a black pen, a white paint pen and spray adhesive (*not pictured, because I ran out).

  • Invitation 1

    Invitation 1

    For this invitation I simply drew a line with black pen (I like Paper Mate gel pens…seriously go buy a pack. They’re cheap and will totally change your life.) and then used the washi tape to make little flags for a banner. To make these all you have to do is cut a small V-shape into a square of the tape and then position it on the line so it looks like it’s hanging there. Repeat until you have multiple little hanging flags. Then add wording with your white paint pen. If you’re worried that your handwriting isn’t the best, look online at fonts that you can use as a guideline.

  • Invitation 2

    Invitation 2

    For this invite I cut three strips of washi tape (approximately 2 inches long) and stuck them together side by side (slightly overlapping them) to make a larger section of tape. Then I cut the tape into a round balloon shape. Before sticking the balloon down, I cut a small length (2-3 inches – you can cut off the excess afterward) of baker’s twine and laid it on my craft paper. I stuck the washi tape balloon over top of the twine, securing it in place. Voila! You have a balloon! Then add in your wording.

  • Invitation 3

    Invitation 3

    This invitation was my favorite and one of the most simple I made. All I did was cut three strips of washi tape (I liked the look of having two slightly smaller strips on top and bottom with a longer strip in the middle, but feel free to do what looks best to you) and then cut v-shapes into each side to make little banners. I positioned them on my card with equal spacing. I didn’t use a ruler, because these have a handmade look and I hate rulers, but you can use one if you’d like. Once I had my tape positioned I simply added little doodles all around the card – copy mine or make your own, there’s no right or wrong way to do it!

  • Invitation 4

    Invitation 4

    For this invite I cut a piece of baker’s twine to use as the base for my bunting and secured it to the card using washi tape X’s on each end. Then I cut small pieces of washi tape and folded them over the twine until I had filled it up. Once my tape was hung I cut the bottoms to make them into triangles, which is the typical shape for bunting, but you could leave them square too. At this point you could leave the card as is and simply add your wording OR you could squiggle up a piece of bakers twine and use spray adhesive to affix it to your card for added visual interest, which I thought was cute.

  • Invitation 5

    Invitation 5

    Sometimes it’s easy to go overboard and get overly intricate with craft supplies, but simple can be sweet too. This invitation is simply two pieces of washi tape stuck together into a v-shape and then you repeat it to create a fun little parentheses around your wording. Easy peasy.

  • Invitation 6

    Invitation 6

    To make this invitation, cut a length of baker’s twine and then fold it over to double it up. Twist the string together and then tie it in a circle with a bow. Affix the twine to your card using spray adhesive and then write your wording in the center. This one reminds me a bit of a wreath which could be fun for a winter shower or birthday party.

  • Invitation 7

    Invitation 7

    Sometimes pretty wording speaks for itself. I love the look of the white paint pen on the brown craft paper, so this is my go-to for card-making and it’s perfect for an invite and easy to replicate in bulk.


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