Crashed Witch Cupcakes

Need a cute first birthday cupcake idea? Is it your turn to bring treats to the school class party or your weekly play date? These fun Crashed Witch Cupcakes will bring a smile to everyone’s face. They’re surprising simple and fast to make. And with a little patience, older kids can even help decorate them. Keep reading for the directions.


While your cupcakes are baking, draw a pair of tiny shoes (about 1/2” tall) on the back of a piece of glitter foam for each cupcake. Cut out the shoes.

Each paper straw will make two sets of legs. Cut each straw in four equal pieces, to make as many legs as you need. With a dab of hot glue secure each shoe to the front of each straw leg.

Prepare your icing by adding 4-5 drops green food coloring. Put your frosting in a pastry bag, or plastic bag, fitted with a petal tip. With the thin side of the petal tip pointed toward the edge of the cupcake, make overlapping ruffles and fill the cupcake. Don’t worry about making them perfect! She’s a crashed witch.

Sprinkle the frosting with matching sanding sugar for your witch’s sparkly skirt. Insert the straws about 1/2” apart. Add a second liner around your cupcake to give the witch’s skirt a billowing effect.

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