Celebrate Baby! | A Smart and Classy Back to School Baby Shower

School is back in session, and back to school celebrations are happening all over the country. Reignite your love of the first day of school with a school themed baby shower for your newest arrival. Extra credit given if the mama-to-be is a teacher! Whitney from The Smith Family, along with the help of her friend Britney, hosted a very classy yet simple baby shower for their teacher mommy-to-be friend. School-related details brought the theme together for an A+ event.

  • You're Invited

    You're Invited

    Simple school related details including cursive practice-style graphics and an apple stamp earn this invitation a gold star.

  • School Schedule

    School Schedule

    Having a “school schedule” for the party helped the guests anticipate the series of events for the day.

  • Flashy Decor

    Flashy Decor

    According to Whitney, a party without pom-poms should be against the law! She’s right! They add such a festive touch to every event, The addition of flashcards adds character and ties the theme together.

  • Simple Accents

    Simple Accents

    Pictures of the parents-to-be as babies were used as simple décor. The addition of a beautiful blue cake stand (it’s a boy!) and a red apple give the space just enough charm without being fussy.

  • School Lunch

    School Lunch

    This menu is far from Mystery Meat Wednesdays. The lunch offerings were fresh, delicious, and filling.

  • Lunch is Served

    Lunch is Served

    Wrapped in paper sandwich wrap, these chicken salad sandwiches find their way to the head of the class for taste and presentation.

  • Thirsty


    I have fond memories of many of my teachers drinking Diet Coke, so I totally get this! I love that the can’s colors match the color scheme of the shower. Win!

  • Classy Accents

    Classy Accents

    A stack of wrapped books add a sweet touch that matches the theme without being pushy.

  • My Favorite Subject

    My Favorite Subject

    Time for dessert! It’s just not a school themed party without peanut butter and jelly [bars} and fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies. Downed with a glass of cold milk, of course!

  • Signed With Love

    Signed With Love

    A customized composition book makes a perfect guest book and memory keeper for the school themed baby shower.

  • End of School Treats

    End of School Treats

    Guests were sent home with a yummy treat, Hot Tamales! Even though Whitney agrees they have nothing to do with school, they are a yummy take away. They’re especially cute in mini brown paper sacks.

Photography credit to Whitney of The Smith Family.

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