Bring the Spring in: 12 Pastel & Ombre Baby Shower Cakes

Just yesterday I was lamenting the long stretch of winter weather we get around here, and how I make things more tolerable by making ridiculously cute baby hats. Next to crafting, I love baking and thought some of my cake recipe and inspiration searches would do nicely for baby shower!

  • Bring the Spring in...

    Bring the Spring in...

    Click through for 12 mouth-watering recipe ideas and gorgeous cake inspiration for a baby shower!

  • Pastel Swirl Cake

    Pastel Swirl Cake

    Whip up this easy ombre layer cake in no time! Complete with video tutorial and detailed instructions.
    Find the recipe via Sweet Polita

  • Yarn Bombed Orange Ombre Cake!

    Yarn Bombed Orange Ombre Cake!

    I mean, c’mon. This is genius with the yarn wrapped faux cake pops. I’d wager that assorted sizes of small Styrofoam balls from your local craft store on wooden skewers would do nicely, just waiting to be yarn bombed.
    Made by the Sweet & Saucy Shop

  • Cherry Vanilla Cake...

    Cherry Vanilla Cake...

    With swiss meringue buttercream. Uhm…need I say more? This cake is gorgeous and I’m willing to bet my left arm that it tastes even better.
    Find the recipe over on Call Me Cupcake

  • Pastel Nautical Cake

    Pastel Nautical Cake

    Such a fun and cute idea!
    Learn more over on Bellwether Events

  • Festive Balloon Topper Cake

    Festive Balloon Topper Cake

    I love how fantastically easy this idea is to pull off! Bake a cake from scratch or from a box, grab a balloon kit from the dollar store or use smaller balloons and have at it!
    Learn more over on Martha Stewart

  • Ombre Cake to Die For

    Ombre Cake to Die For

    Magnificent. I remember when I made my first layer cake. Not the easiest. As soon as I got over the fear of wrecking it, or the cuts not being perfectly even, things started working out much better for me!
    Get the recipe via Call Me Cupcake

  • Green Ombre Cake

    Green Ombre Cake

    Another simple cake, as far as layers go. Loving the fresh shades of green with the matching contrast of bright raspberries.
    Learn more via Emily Takes Photos

  • Pastel Ruffled Rainbow Cake

    Pastel Ruffled Rainbow Cake

    This may not be as simple as the others, but I’d say all of those darling ruffles and serious layers on the finished cake are well worth the time!
    Get the recipe and detailed instructions via Bubble & Sweet

  • Polka Dot Cake

    Polka Dot Cake

    Did you you just die and go to cake heaven? I did upon first glance of this gem. A cute and fun choice for any kind of baby shower theme; boy or girl!
    Get the recipe and detailed instructions via Recipe by Photo

  • Cherry Vanilla Layer Cake

    Cherry Vanilla Layer Cake

    The perfect dessert addiction to a Valentine’s themed baby shower!
    Get the recipe via Sprinkle Bakes

  • Tiered Blue Ocean Ombre Cake

    Tiered Blue Ocean Ombre Cake

    Lovely choice to welcome a little baby boy into the world.
    Learn more over on Style Me Pretty

  • Gum Paste Heart Cake

    Gum Paste Heart Cake

    Bake a simple cake, decorate with some buttercream icing and finish it off with these gorgeous gum paste hearts. Another great choice for a Valentine’s Baby Shower.
    Order them online via Signe Sugar on Big Cartel

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