15 of the Sweetest Disney Inspired Baby Shower Cupcakes: Boy Edition

A couple of weeks ago I gave you 15 of the Sweetest Disney Inspired Baby Shower Cupcakes: Girl Edition. I couldn’t have you thinking that I would leave the boys out, so behold some of the most darling cupcake ideas. All for you to drool over.

Enjoy the roundup!

  • A Charming Collection

    A Charming Collection

    Featuring designs inspired from some of my favorite Disney characters, animated male heroes, and friends.

  • Toy Story Green Alien Cupcakes

    Toy Story Green Alien Cupcakes

    A bright and cute way to go!

    Find the recipe over on Disney Family.

  • Sebastian (The Little Mermaid) Cupcakes

    Sebastian (The Little Mermaid) Cupcakes

    Just because The Little Mermaid featured a female heroine, doesn’t mean that little boys everywhere don’t love this movie. Mine sure does. Besides, part of the celebration is for the mama too.

    Get the recipe and step-by-step instructions over on Disney Family

  • Squirt (Finding Nemo) Happy Turtle Cupcakes

    Squirt (Finding Nemo) Happy Turtle Cupcakes

    The turtle clan from Finding Nemo? Duuuuuude. Quite possibly the best part of the movie.

    Find the recipe and the step-by-step instructions over on Disney Family

  • Baloo (The Jungle Book) Cupcakes

    Baloo (The Jungle Book) Cupcakes

    This retro classic jungle book as a baby shower theme presents infinite possibilities.

    Get the recipe and instructions over at Disney Family

  • Monsters Inc. Cupcakes

    Monsters Inc. Cupcakes

    Vivid, playful treats aren’t just for kids. I think baby showers should be full of whimsy and nostalgia, reminding us of the magic of childhood that the promise of a new baby brings.

    Cupcake mastery via B De Bolo

  • Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

    Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

    Timeless and elegant, these delectables have a mature and contemporary edge to them, sure to please the pickiest of planners.

    Cupcakes via Hol-Berry’s Cupcakes

    Instructions for adorable Mickey Napkin Wraps can be found here.

  • Toy Story Represent!

    Toy Story Represent!

    Featuring many favourite characters in perfect, 3D fondant application.

    Mastery via Katie’s Cupcakes

  • Fozzie Bear Cupcakes

    Fozzie Bear Cupcakes

    Dudes. I LOVE me some muppets. Before my 1st had turned one we scooped up a box set of the old-school hit series, giddy with the thought of sharing the brilliance with our kids.

    Get the recipe and instructions via Disney Family

  • Winnie The Pooh Cupcakes

    Winnie The Pooh Cupcakes

    An overwhelming favourite theme for baby showers, these chocolate butterscotch gooders have an elegant and vintage vibe to them that I adore.

    Cupcakes via Dream Day Cakes

    Find Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Supplies here

  • Eeyore Cupcakes

    Eeyore Cupcakes

    I’ve always had a soft spot for this sad little donkey, as many do. On their own or paired with the Pooh Bear cupcakes you just viewed; you can’t go wrong.

    Fondant artistry via Love-a-Cupcake

  • Up Cupcakes

    Up Cupcakes

    Ah, perfection. Of which I am sure you will agree.

    Creations via Bakerella

  • Lion King Cupcakes

    Lion King Cupcakes

    Quite possibly my favourite of the roundup. Design based on the hit musical from the movie itself; these less than cutesy cupcakes will have your guests swooning.

    Brilliance via Retro Bakery

    Lion King Baby Shower Supplies can be found here

  • Up Cupcake Toppers

    Up Cupcake Toppers

    An easy and winning look, 20 bucks will get you the twelve pack of these whimsical cupcake toppers.

    Get them here via Crafty Rosy on Etsy

  • Cars Cupcakes

    Cars Cupcakes

    There is some full-on swagger going on here. In as much as a car cupcake can get.

    Fondant mastery via My Cakes

    Awesome selection of ideas, free printables and recipes for you very own CARS themed baby shower can be found here

  • Cheshire Cat Cupcakes

    Cheshire Cat Cupcakes

    Devilishly charming. We all know that this cat was the DUDE. Who better than to grace your table of sweets in welcoming your little baby boy into the world? Lots of fun to be had with this theme.

    Get the recipe and step-by-step instructions via Disney Family

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