Baby Showers for Second Babies

What do you think about baby showers for a mother having her second (or third or fourth) baby?

I asked on Twitter a couple of months ago, before I had my own second baby, and answers were all over the place!

Some people thought they were unbelievably tacky, unnecessary, or just odd. Other people thought, as long as someone offered without prompting, it was perfectly acceptable. Still others suggested it was fine if there were no gifts or if the gifts were only diapers or if it was a very specifically-themed shower (like second-hand picture books).

Baby Shower Gifts

It also seems to be something of a geographical trend. Friends in Utah, where the birth rate tends to be quite high, said baby showers were common only for first babies. In my area of Texas, baby showers for every baby, no matter where they fall in the birth order lineup, seem to be completely normal. Just a few days before I’d asked on Twitter, I’d attended a baby shower for a friend of mine who was having her FIFTH baby.

I’m curious what you think about it! What are your opinions on showers for second-time mothers?

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