Baby Shower Sibling Gifts

If you’re a mom with more than one child, like me, then you know that siblings often feel left out with all of the new baby stuff that goes on. Older children might not be sure of their place in the family and they might be jealous of the attention (and presents) the new baby is getting. Some thoughtful friends took this into consideration at a recent baby shower.

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sibling gifts

It might be cliche or my “middle child syndrome” coming out, but when a new baby is becoming a part of the family I think it’s important to involve the other siblings as much as possible. A fun way to include them is to show each child how special they are. Unique, handmade t-shirts that highlight the older siblings number in the family is a fun way to bring the family together. Kids will feel extra cool as party guests ohh and ahh over the shirts at a baby shower (and they can double as party decor). Believe me, every bit helps when you’re adding a new baby to the family. Even if it’s baby number four.

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