6 Adorable Baby Shower Invitations in Spanish

When it comes to hosting a baby shower for a mom-to-be, you spend a lot of time browsing for the perfect invitation to use. If hosting a baby shower for a Spanish-speaking mom and guests, you may want baby shower invitations in Spanish! I know how hard it can be to find Spanish baby shower invitations, so I thought I’d share a few designs I came across that are absolutely adorable (and where you can buy them)! If you prefer to create your own invitation, this site has some baby shower invitation wording ideas in Spanish.

Baby Shower Invitations in Spanish: 6 of the Cutest Designs for a Spanish Baby Shower!

  • Pío Pío Pío!

    Pío Pío Pío!

    Cute chicks (pollitos) adorn this fun baby shower invitation!

    Buy this Los Pollitos Dicen baby shower invitation on Latin Baby

  • Rub-a-Tub-Tub


    This adorable baby in a tub is sure to be loved by baby shower guests!

    Buy this Baby in a Tub baby shower invitation on Zazzle

  • Then Comes Baby...

    Then Comes Baby...

    A precious baby carriage accompanies a floral design; perfect for a girl baby shower!

    Buy this Baby Carriage baby shower invitation on Zazzle

  • Ahoy!


    This fun nautical design with Spanish words would work great for a boy baby shower.

    Buy this Nautical baby shower invitation on Etsy

  • Mi Bebé

    Mi Bebé

    Cute polka dots and sweet baby hands let guests know a bebé is on the way!

    Buy this Bebé baby shower invitation on Etsy

  • Sweet Baby Clothes

    Sweet Baby Clothes

    Everyone loves tiny baby clothes, which is why this invitation is super cute.

    Buy this Baby Clothes baby shower invitation on Etsy

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