5 Baby Shower Games Siblings (Or Other Kids) Can Play

Baby showers are lots of fun and I bet one of the things loved by most are those baby shower games! It’s fun to act silly as adults, all for the sake of the parents-to-be, isn’t it? There are plenty of baby shower games out there, from the very innocent, to those that are probably best saved for adult-only baby showers. But, if you already have kids, and having a second baby shower (or third, fourth, etc.), then more than likely your kids will be attending the baby shower with you. So, how can kids get in on the fun of baby shower games?


Baby Shower GamesSource: Caitlin Regan

Including kids in the baby shower festivities is especially important for older siblings that are welcoming a new baby brother or sister to the family. As parents, I know that we want to involve our children in all aspects of a pregnancy and make them feel important. Making sure that siblings can play baby shower games is a great way to ensure they enjoy the fun of a baby shower! Here are a few baby shower game ideas that siblings (or other kids) can play.

5 Baby Shower Games Siblings Can Play

  • Bingo – Even the youngest of kids will enjoy a game of bingo! Make sure the bingo cards have pictures and not as much text, so the littlest kids can play too, even if they’re not of reading age.
  • Guess how many? – A bottle full of candy where guests guess how much candy is inside is always a fun baby shower game. You can even have separate bottle that’s just for the kids to guess!
  • Don’t say “baby” – You know the game – avoid saying the word “baby” or you have to give up the pacifier necklace given to you when you arrived. At my second baby shower, my daughter really enjoyed this game and catching when the adults slipped and said the word. She would even try to trick people into saying “baby” so she could collect more pacifier necklaces!
  • Who can drink from a bottle the fastest? – Fill up bottles with juice and see who can drink it the fastest. Kids will love this, especially because it’s funny to see adults drinking from a bottle!
  • How big is mommy’s bump? – This baby shower game requires that everyone cut a piece of string or ribbon to the length they think will fit around the mom-to-be’s belly. With some adult help for cutting, kids can have fun guessing how big the baby bump is.

Have your kids participated in baby shower games? What were some of their favorites?

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