Why I Love a Big First Birthday Celebration!

A baby’s first birthday party is a special celebration, no doubt, but one that brings about much debate. Many parents feel there’s no need for a big first birthday party, since baby will likely not participate in much of the festivities or will not be very interested. Other parents go all out and plan a big celebration, inviting all of their family and friends. I happen to be in the latter group and absolutely love a big first birthday party celebration for baby! Hear me out.

Baby's First Birthday PartySource: george ruiz/Flickr


While most people believe there’s no need to go beyond cutting a small cake for baby on his or her first birthday, I had a big celebration for both of my children on their first birthday. My oldest daughter didn’t even have any friends at the time that were her age, and yet, we had a lovely party amongst our friends and extended family. For our baby boy, he had a combined first birthday party with his big sister’s sixth birthday, since their birthdays are only one day apart. Both parties were awesome and enjoyed by both kids and adults, if I do say so myself.

The reason why I love a big first birthday party is because a baby’s first year of life is worth celebrating, even if baby won’t remember. It doesn’t matter if baby doesn’t participate much, or doesn’t understand what’s going on in the moment, the celebration will be remembered through pictures, video, and by loved ones that attend. In fact, I think that the parents and other loved ones in baby’s life have just as much reason to celebrate as baby does. They just helped baby through his/her first year of life – a year full of many milestones and special moments! We have a right to celebrate as well, don’t we?

What do you think? Do you like a big first birthday party or do you think a small cake with just baby and immediate family is all that should be done?

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