Around the World: A Baby Shower with An International Theme

My sister, Merrick, had a baby boy back in October.

Sadly, we live no where near each other, so I didn’t get to be part of the throwing-a-baby-shower festivities, but luckily, she has many lovely friends who threw her a fabulous party! I loved the international theme on this one, perfect for my travel-loving sister.

Check out all the cute details (and drool over all the amazing looking food):

  • Globe Balloons

    Globe Balloons

    I think these big round globe balloons are about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen – what a great way to bring the theme all the way to the front door!

  • Map Banner

    Map Banner

    I love this map banner made from vintage maps! So pretty.

  • Mason Jar Drinks

    Mason Jar Drinks

    They’re popular for a reason! A collection of mason jars with straws just look so darling.

  • Welcome to the World

    Welcome to the World

    If I’d been hosting, I’d have made someone else write this sign for the table because I do not have lovely handwriting. Fortunately, Merrick’s friends do.

  • Food Spread

    Food Spread

    The food spread represented several different countries! And the globe on the table is a perfect decoration to tie it all together!

  • Caprese Pops

    Caprese Pops

    These darling caprese pops are a twist on the Italian classic. (And did you notice that the signs are made from maps too? I love those latitude and longitude lines).

  • Lettuce Wraps

    Lettuce Wraps

    A little Asian-inspired dish (and I happen to know these are one of Merrick’s favorites).

  • Crepes


    Crepes (with all the toppings!) are a perfect complement to the international food spread.

  • Cake


    I love this simple cake with a mini-version of the map banner.

  • Ombre Cake

    Ombre Cake

    I love that, when they cut the plain white cake, it was green and blue, just like a map, on the inside. What a fun little surprise!

  • Presents


    Because this was Merrick’s second baby, they kept the gifts pretty small – just a few cute things for the new little guy!


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