An Ice Cream Social Baby Shower

A few of my sweet friends offered to throw a baby shower for me before Ani was born. Because of some scheduling conflicts, it ended up being just two weeks before my due date and I was a little bit nervous I might not make it (I shouldn’t have worried. . . Ani was a full week late).

It was a very fun little party, all focused around ice cream, which just happens to be my favorite food of all-time. I worked in an ice cream shop for three years in high school and even daily bowls of ice cream did nothing to cool my love for this delicious treat.

My only regret about the shower is that I didn’t have room in my stomach to eat more ice cream!

  • Ice Cream Social

    Ice Cream Social

  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    I loved that they served up the ice cream (four different homemade flavors!) in these green-tinted mason jars. Such a pretty display.

  • Toppings!


    I loved this display of toppings (in an old-fashioned Coca Cola crate) with the little chalkboard clips. I was particularly partial to the mini chocolate chip cookies and the salted caramel sauce.

  • Goat Cheese Log

    Goat Cheese Log

    This log of goat cheese rolled in pistachios and dried cranberries and served with crackers was a nice complement to the sweetness of the ice cream!

  • Balloons and Pinwheels

    Balloons and Pinwheels

    I love balloons because they are so inexpensive and instantly add a festive feel to any party!

  • Colorful Zig Zag streamers

    These add such a pretty dose of color and looked so fun and cheerful hanging above the food table!

    Find instructions on how to make these on Oh Happy Day

  • Paper Chandelier

    Paper Chandelier

    If you do a BUNCH of the zig zag streamers in one color and hang them around your ceiling lamp, they glow like a giant chandelier and look gorgeous.

  • Doily Banner

    Doily Banner

    Fold doilys in half over a piece of yarn or twine for an easy, dainty banner! I thought these were perfect for a baby shower.

  • Flowers and a 9 Month Belly

    Flowers and a 9 Month Belly

    It’s so weird to look back at this picture and see that giant belly. I was so grateful for all my sweet friends helping me celebrate a new little girl for our family!

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