An Adorable Teddy Bear Birthday Party!

Growing up, my mom would always plan really elaborate birthday parties for me. I have memories of them that are so happy! So it’s no surprise that I am a sucker for well-done birthdays and am slightly obsessed with throwing the best birthday parties ever for our own little boy. When I spotted this party, I fell in love. It’s so beautiful and classic and sweet. It might be just the inspiration you need for your own party planning! 

  • Teddy Bear Birthday Party

    Click through and get inspired by this beautiful and precious teddy bear themed birthday party!

    Jenny Haas

  • Teddy Bear Bash

    No teddy bear party would be complete without a troupe of teddies in every color. Plus, they make for instant party decor that you can keep and enjoy afterward!

    Jenny Haas

  • Black and White Bliss

    A stack of pancakes was used in place of a cake for this brunch birthday party. I love the black and white color scheme that was incorporated throughout the decor! So classic.

    Jenny Haas

  • Keep It Sleek and Simple

    When your theme is teddy bears, you’ve got so many gorgeous and simple options. Keeping everything monochrome ups your sleek factor.

    Janny Haas

  • Neutral Accents for a Sophisticated Look

    I love the simple, neutral colors used as accents. This party is beautiful for the adults and simple for the kids. Best of both worlds.

    Jenny Haas

  • Simple Paper Decorations

    You can find decorations like these on Etsy or make them yourself!

    Jenny Haas

  • Special Touches

    Special touches like the little birthday banner and decor in baby’s initial make the entire effect more personal and precious.

    Jenny Haas

  • Brunch Best

    Brunch parties are so fun because you can break out all those special brunch foods that everyone loves but rarely gets to indulge in like warm-from-the-oven cinnamon rolls!

    Janny Haas

  • Donuts To Go

    I ADORE these little donuts in individual paper bags to keep guests hands from getting sticky or little sugar crumbs from hitting the floor. Genius!

    Jenny Haas

  • E is for Emmaline

    Little Emmaline had her initial decorating the tablescapes. Such a simple, but sweet personal touch.

    Jenny Haas

  • Teddy Bear Star

    I just LOVE the little teddy bear ears for the guest of honor. Such a sweet and adorable touch!

    Jenny Haas

  • Sweet and Simple

    Sometimes the best birthday party themes are the simplest ones because you can pull them off in such beautiful ways. Thanks to Jenny and her family for sharing these photos from their party with us!

    Jenny Haas


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