Amazing Design For Baby and Mommy

Need some artwork for baby? See the incredible work of MiniMega. The lovely prints and stationary are on the top of my list!

Mini Mega is one of those designers that has that extra spark. The thing that sets them apart. We’re in love with every envelope, card, and print. How can you deny the mouse ears or the mini clouds? The gender neutral designs are perfect for families that don’t find out the sex of their baby until the bundle arrives. Jump over to their shop and see the mini works of art for your self.

  • Mini Mega Cat and Mouse Posters

    Mini Mega Cat and Mouse Posters

    The little cat and mouse characters are my favorite! I love this simplistic design for kids. These works look great together or separately, too.

  • Mini Mega Supplies

    Mini Mega Supplies

    I’m like a kid in a candy store at Mini Mega’s shop. I could spend all day finding reasons to use this stuff with my little ones. Beautiful wrapping paper is a weakness of mine.

  • Mini Mega Whale and Lion Posters

    Mini Mega Whale and Lion Posters

    Alphabets and more animals! I love these cards so much because they can be used for just about any occasion. Whether you’re writing a birthday card before a party or baby is practicing their name, Mini Mega has you covered.

  • Mini Mega Wrapping Paper

    Mini Mega Wrapping Paper

    The beautiful attention to detail and color schemes really shine in this wrapping paper. It’s almost a shame that it has to be torn up!

  • Mini Mega Love Joy Posters

    Mini Mega Love Joy Posters

    These posters show Mini Mega’s diversity in color schemes. She seems to have an unending flow of cute characters to display too. This kind of art makes babies happy without being too cheesy and cutesy: the minimalism just makes it great design!

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