Adair Lynden’s Woodland Birthday Bash

Birthdays are a big deal in our family. My husband is well known for claiming his “birthday month,” taking the entire month of March to celebrate, instead of just one day. His enthusiasm for celebration will without a doubt be a big hit with our girls. We try to make each and every birthday a special one – no matter how simple or grand. When Adair Lynden turned one, we threw her a little woodland party for family and friends. Take a look at our girl’s special day…

  • Our Addie Dearest Turning 1

    Our Addie Dearest Turning 1

    Click through to see the D-I-Y details, food, and decor!

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation

    I LOVE how these turned out! The birds and the little toadstools are just too cute!

  • The Presentation

    The Presentation

    I glued the invites onto some polka-dot card stock and tied them with red twine. Then, I stuffed them into brown kraft paper envelopes and used a sweet little deer stamp to add the finishing touch.

  • The Decor

    The Decor

    I wanted simple, but cute decor. I borrowed some vintage serving pieces from my mom, hung black and white photos of Addie’s first year along a clothesline, and made labels for the food out of moss rocks.

  • The Food

    The Food

    Everything we ate had a woodland theme. For example, we had harvest salad. black forest ham & wildberry jam sandwiches, and a pumpkin cheese ball.

  • The Dessert

    The Dessert

    On our dessert table (complete with a tree stump!!) we had blueberry cupcakes topped with toadstool cake pops, popcorn balls, bird’s nest cookies, and “gnome-made” granola.

  • The Gifts

    The Gifts

    Addie’s gifts were all wrapped with brown kraft paper and tied with polka-dot ribbon. We gave her just a few things – some wooden blocks, a piano, some neat hairclips, and a homemade tent.

  • The Pinata

    The Pinata

    I even made the pinata from scratch. (Which I will never do again, by the way!) It was cute and inexpensive but took forever!!!

  • The Surprise

    The Surprise

    I was about 5 months pregnant when Addie turned 1. All of the treats inside the pinata said “It’s a girl!” on them. It was a fun way to surprise our family and friends about baby #2!

  • The Photobooth

    The Photobooth

    Of course, we had to have a photobooth! I used wrapping paper for the backdrop and props from around the house, like those awesome deer antlers! Addie and the rest of the babes got a homemade party hat.

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