A Simple Baby Shower Gift Idea: 9 Books for 9 Months

When I was pregnant with my first baby, my very creative sister-in-law gave me the most absolute and thoughtful gift I’ve ever received. I loved it so much, that over the years of watching my own friends and loved ones grow their families, I’ve gifted this exact same present over and over again.

A favorite children’s book delivered to mom’s door, one book a month, while she waits and anticipates baby’s arrival:


It’s so simple, and extremely fun to both give and to receive! Basically, during every month of pregnancy (or waiting for adoption), the you send a new hardcover copy of one of your favorite children’s books, to help stock the nursery library.

And to add an additional special touch, make sure every book includes a little love note. A simple sentence or two, handwritten on the inside cover. Include why the baby is going to love the book, and why it’s one of your treasured favorites. And always, sign and date the book with the month and year.

I loved this gift so much, and it’s so fun to now pick out a book given to us by Aunt Kim, over 5 years ago. We start the story by reading her little love note written on the inside flap to “baby E” (since we didn’t at the time know if we were expecting a boy or a girl), and it almost always sparks a “when you were just a baby” type conversation before we dive into the book.


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