A Cardboard Box First Birthday Party

Last weekend Fern and I got to attend a pretty inspired first birthday party. My friend and former co-worker Dana put on a lovely, eco-friendly, budget-friendly and fun party for her little Tallulah, and the theme? Cardboard boxes! I had never heard of this before, but apparently it’s all the rage in first birthday parties (I think it could be fun for even older kids though too!), because what kid isn’t endlessly entertained by cardboard boxes? Crawling in and out of them, making forts with them…the possibilities are endless. Tallulah’s birthday was just so adorable, I had to share it and hopefully it can provide some inspiration for you!

  • A Cardboard Box First Birthday Party

    A Cardboard Box First Birthday Party

    The theme of cardboard for a birthday party may seem a little odd at first, but the potential for cuteness is huge! I love how this party turned out. With a bit of ingenuity and DIY magic, simple cardboard was transformed into fun times for little ones!

  • Invitations


    Dana set the tone for Tallulah’s party with these cute invitations she made from craft paper. This was the color scheme for the whole party and I love the invitations. They are simple and sweet and definitely eye catching.

  • Play Area

    Play Area

    When you walked in there was a cardboard-centric play areas for kids, that included this ball pit (AKA: a dressed-up cardboard box) and a canoe that they loved climbing in.

  • Rocket Fort

    Rocket Fort

    The cardboard play area also had a rocket ship and the littles ones had fun crawling in and out of it, while the bigger kids had fun hiding in there.

  • Castle


    Dana transformed her fireplace into a focal point for the party by creating this cardboard castle, and embellishing it with these cardboard letters to spell “ONE” that she got from a craft store and balloons in the party’s accent colors.

  • Activities


    While the babies weren’t too interested in this activity (or at least not my little non-stop mover), the bigger kids had fun decorating these crowns that Dana had made out of old cereal boxes with markers and paints and glitter sticker stars. Each child also had a totally cute placemat that was simply craft paper stamped with their name.

  • Birthday Crown

    Birthday Crown

    The birthday girl had her very own special crown that her mama had DIY’d previously.

  • Food


    Every party needs food and Dana kept things simple with easy finger foods that kids would enjoy: sandwiches, veggies and hummus, and lots of fruit. The food could be served on these cute and eco-friendly “cardboard” plates to further tie in the theme.

  • Details


    This party, while not over-the-top, was definitely thoughtful with a lot of attention to detail, including little things like wrapping juice boxes in craft paper and tying them with bakers twine. The brown striped straws were also a nice touch.

  • Birthday Cake

    Birthday Cake

    This cardboard box cake that Dana made was definitely a labor of love. If you’ve ever tried making brown frosting before (and not just chocolate brown), then you know how easily it can go wrong. Somehow she achieved just the perfect shade of cardboard box brown for Tallulah’s cake and it still looked pretty. I was thoroughly impressed!

  • Cupcake


    This was Tallulah’s little coordinating cupcake for her to smash.

  • Favors


    The final party detail included these super cute take-home favor bags filled with more cardboard fun – a little notebook with a cardboard cover, a little star-shaped mini cardboard box, animal crackers tied up with baker’s twine and lots of glittery sticker stars. Such an adorable and well-thought out party. Definitely one to draw ideas from!

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