7 Ways to Create a Magical First Birthday

Your little one is about to turn one! Where has the time gone? I’m sure you want to make this day special. Not only for baby, but for the family and friends who have loved your little one and supported you along the way. It’s such a special milestone!

Needing a little inspiration for the big day? Check out these 7 ways to create a magical first birthday party.

1. A Theme to Remember – Put together a theme that reflects your little one. Maybe it’s based on one of his/her favorite books or most reached for toy?

2. Video/Photo Montage – I’m sure you must have hundreds of photos and video clips of your little one over the past 12 months. Put your favorites together in a short slideshow or video to show at the party. Be sure to make copies for the grandparents!


3. Hang Up Photos – Have photos up to celebrate 12 months around the house during their party. Hang photos with clothespins on twine, or create a giant number one on the wall out of pictures! Did you take monthly photos of your baby? Put together a poster-board showing each month and a few fun stats and milestones along the way. You can also fill out a baby book or photo album for your family to look at.

4. One-Year-Old Photo Shoot – Don’t forget to set up a mini photo session for your one year old! Set him/her in front of decorations and banners with their birthday outfit on and snap some photos!

5. Start a Collection – This is the perfect time to start a little collection for your baby. Each birthday you can get them something pertaining to their collection. Maybe it’s a Disney movie collection or a doll collection?

6. Capture the Moment – Don’t forget to get out your video camera or your phone and record all of the special moments throughout the day. You will treasure this video for years to come! Each year, remember to record a little and as they grow older, continue adding to their birthday video! How great would it be to look back on 5, 10, or 20 years of birthdays?!

7. Magic and Traditions – You know your little one better than anyone else. Create magic with them throughout the day by doing their favorite things, singing their favorite songs, reading their favorite books and having extra special time together.

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