5 Inspiring Fall Birthday Parties

If just one of my three children had been born in the Fall, so that I could throw them a Fall themed birthday party, I’d be a happy clam.  The colors, the tastes, the scents, the textures of Fall are my absolute favorite and I can only imagine the kind of birthday party I’d dream up for one of my littles.  Pumpkin patches, tractor rides, apple picking and more.  But instead they are all Spring and Summer babies so we are relegated to bright colors, light and easy dishes and pool parties.  I guess Spring and Summer aren’t too bad of options, but Fall would just be grand.  Since I can’t throw a Fall birthday party for any of my babes, it doesn’t mean I can’t provide some inspiration for those of you planning Fall festivities for your little one!  Here are five wonderfully festive Fall parties that are sure to do the trick!

  • Click through for 5 inspiring Fall birhday parties!

    Click through for 5 inspiring Fall birhday parties!

  • A Vintage Pumpkin 1st Birthday!

    A Vintage Pumpkin 1st Birthday!

    Using a vintage theme as the backdrop, this darling 1st birthday party focused on lace, roses, pumpkins and a soft, yet impactful color palette of peaches and oranges, absolutely perfect for Fall! All images via Hostess With the Mostess

  • Hay Bales and Pumpkins!

    Hay Bales and Pumpkins!

    Hay bales and lace, a perfect blend of fancy and rustic. The pumpkins tie it all in and keep the theme consistent. Via Hostess With the Mostess

  • The Center Of It All

    The Center Of It All

    One central station is adorned with a rustic “E” monogram in honor of the birthday girl. A mix of desserts adds texture and interest to the table. Via Hostess With the Mostess

  • Ombre Cake

    Ombre Cake

    The overall theme of roses and lace gave a a very vintage vibe to the party, but the addition of this ombre cake adds a bit of a modern touch. Via Hostess With the Mostess

  • Pumpkin Patch 1st Birthday Party

    Pumpkin Patch 1st Birthday Party

    Taking on more of a graphic element, this pumpkin party uses bold stripes and polka dots, along with the colors orange and tan, as it’s main backdrop. All images via On To Baby

  • The Main Station

    The Main Station

    Orange paper lanterns are the centerpiece of the main party station. Burlap and lace lend a country feel to the party, while the bold graphics give it a modern twist. Via On To Baby

  • Sweet Idea

    Sweet Idea

    So simple but so adorable! Lollipops are displayed in tiny hay bales for easy access to little hands. Via On To Baby

  • Little Pumpkin Birthday Party

    Little Pumpkin Birthday Party

    This pumpkin themed party has a unique twist with a totally original cartoon drawn pumpkin as the main character! The cute little pumpkin character is seen throughout the party on cakes, cookies, and even paper! Via Hostess With the Mostess

  • Under the Canopy

    Under the Canopy

    This gorgeous red canopy provides the main station for the party, and is adorned with fall leaves, rustic wreaths, pumpkins and even scarecrows! Via Hostess With the Mostess

  • The Pumpkin Birthday Girl

    The Pumpkin Birthday Girl

    The theme carries throughout, even to the birthday girl’s outfit. An orange tulle tutu and head topper, and pumpkin bodysuit are the perfect addition to this party. Via Hostess With the Mostess

  • A Fall Gnome Party

    A Fall Gnome Party

    This party takes a typically seasonless character, a gnome, and makes it very Fall appropriate with the color theme and food choices. Via Tik Kido

  • The Dessert Station

    The Dessert Station

    Tiny gnome hats and colorful bunting top off the delectable desserts. Via Tik Kido

  • The Tiniest Of Details

    The Tiniest Of Details

    The intricacy of the desserts is quite impressive and even the edible gnome keeps the color theme consistent with his red hat. Via Tik Kido

  • Pumpkin Patch 1st Birthday Party

    Pumpkin Patch 1st Birthday Party

    Bright colors, interesting patterns and rustic elements make this party both playful and perfectly age appropriate. Via Kara’s Party Ideas

  • Twigs and Sticks

    Twigs and Sticks

    I love the use of twigs as candy apple holders, and the celery and carrot sticks as easy snacks. Via Kara’s Party Ideas

  • Little Touches

    Little Touches

    Cute touches like these graphic utensil wrappers lend to the playful, yet still put-together feel of the party. Via Kara’s Party Ideas

  • The Theme Runs Throughout

    The Theme Runs Throughout

    Even the food carries the consistent pumpkin theme, with this molded pumpkin spread. Via Kara’s Party Ideas

  • Pumpkin Crafts

    Pumpkin Crafts

    I love it when a child’s party has an age appropriate craft available. This decorate a pumpkin craft is adorable, and so easy for the littlest of hands! Via Kara’s Party Ideas

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