3 Adorable Baby Shower Themed Diaper Cakes

As I was catching up on my favorite blogs the other day, I came across a foxy baby shower my friend Nicole of Making It Lovely had styled for Huggies. I immediately remarked that her adorable theme and cute styling of the classic, yet often outdated, baby shower diaper cake was all sorts of adorable, and had me completely rethinking diaper cakes. Turns out, that cute foxy baby shower was just one of three amazing showers she styled for Huggies, and all featured a diaper cake, one even cuter and more stylish than the last! So I wanted to share these cute cakes, and the showers that inspired them, with you all today. Perhaps it will have you rethinking diaper cakes, and inspire you to whip one up for the next shower you host or attend.

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