20 Coolest Disney Cookie Recipes

Whether you’re planning a Disney-themed baby shower or birthday party, or you just have a cookie-loving Disney fan at home, these 20 Disney cookie recipes will be as impressive as they are delicious:

From Woody’s Sheriff badge to Simba’s paw prints, you’ll find a crowd-pleasing cookie recipe in here:

  • Mickey Mouse’s Sugar Cookie Shorts

    Mickey Mouse’s Sugar Cookie Shorts

    Perfect for a Mickey Mouse first birthday party — and who doesn’t love a sugar cookie?

    Get the recipe.

  • Tow Mater Cookie Treats

    Tow Mater Cookie Treats

    Another sugar cookie, but this one’s decorated with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and candies to look like Lightning McQueen’s buddy.

    Get the recipe.

  • Big Daddy’s Mardi Gras Crown Cookies

    Big Daddy’s Mardi Gras Crown Cookies

    These cookies would make Tiana proud.

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  • Mermaid Tail Cookies

    Mermaid Tail Cookies

    The decorating possibilities are endless for these mermaid fins — which would work for a variety of birthday party themes, like The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean, or Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

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  • Mickey & Minnie Peppermint Swirl Cookies

    Mickey & Minnie Peppermint Swirl Cookies

    A crowd-pleasing Disney favorite — even long after the holidays are over.

    Get the recipe.

  • Jessie’s Cowgirl Hat Cookies

    Jessie’s Cowgirl Hat Cookies

    No Toy Story party would be complete without some adorable (and easy-to-make!) cowgirl hat cookies.

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  • Tiana’s Heart-Shaped Sandwich Cookies

    Tiana’s Heart-Shaped Sandwich Cookies

    Perfect for Valentine’s Day, princess tea parties, or just because.

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  • Gold Sugar Cookie Coins

    Gold Sugar Cookie Coins

    Give your matey his own buried gold dabloons.

    Get the recipe.

  • Fix-It Felix Jr. Golden Hammer Cookies

    Fix-It Felix Jr. Golden Hammer Cookies

    Have you seen Wreck It Ralph yet? Fans of the movie will get a kick out of Felix’s fix-it hammer.

    Get the recipe.

  • Frankenweenie Spark Cookies

    Frankenweenie Spark Cookies

    One batch of Frankenweenie cookies — hold the electricity.

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  • Lion Paw Print Cookies

    Lion Paw Print Cookies

    Paw prints for the Simba fans in your house.

    Get the recipe.

  • Chocolate Bear Paws

    Chocolate Bear Paws

    Brave’s Mor’du might be a legendary beast — but his paws sure taste yummy.

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  • Tink’s Tiny Valentine Cookies

    Tink’s Tiny Valentine Cookies

    Our favorite miniature fairy inspires these bite-sized treats.

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  • Mickey’s Shamrock Shorts Cookies

    Mickey’s Shamrock Shorts Cookies

    The same idea as the sugar cookie shorts, but with a St. Patrick’s Day spin.

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  • Red Queen Cookie Recipes

    Red Queen Cookie Recipes

    A special cookie kiss, inspired by the Red Queen herself.

    Get the recipe.

  • Mickey’s Chocolate-Dipped Cookies

    Mickey’s Chocolate-Dipped Cookies

    Another lovey-dovey Disney cookie that works for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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  • CARS Cookies

    CARS Cookies

    Simple cookies made to look like Mater, Sally, and Lightning McQueen.

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  • Woody’s Sheriff Badge Cookies

    Woody’s Sheriff Badge Cookies

    These paired with Jesse’s Cowgirl Hat Cookies? They’ll be the hit of any Toy Story birthday party.

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  • Professor Z Cookies

    Professor Z Cookies

    And yet another Cars-themed cookie recipe — this time inspired by the mad scientist, Professor Z.

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  • Minnie’s Polka-Dot Cookies

    Minnie’s Polka-Dot Cookies

    For Valentine’s Day…and every day after.

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