10 Cakes for Baby’s First Birthday

Beck’s birthday is on Sunday so I’ve got party planning on the brain. I haven’t quite decided what to offer as far as a cake but I know I definitely need one for the classic frosting covered face and shirtless picture. It’s a rite of passage, right? Here are some inspirational cakes I’ve come across that seem easy enough to try and recreate.

  • Layered


    I like how this one looks like they just threw a bunch of candy on the top for a hodge podge look. The baby probably helped decorate.

    credit: Weekday Carnival

  • Polka Dot

    Polka Dot

    Choose candy melts in party colors for a happy, polka dot cake.

    credit: A Subtle Revelry

  • Sprinkles


    If you’re throwing a rainbow party, cover the cake in sprinkles for a multi-colored look.

    credit: Style Me Pretty

  • Mini Cakes

    Mini Cakes

    To get their mini form, Jordan baked these cute cakes in cans.

    credit: Oh Happy Day

  • Bouncing Ball Cake

    Bouncing Ball Cake

    This cake would fit any theme but especially look good for a circus party.

    credit: Martha Stewart

  • Fringe Cake

    Fringe Cake

    Be afraid of fondant no more, Victoria makes it look simple enough to use and too cute not to.

    credit: A Subtle Revelry

  • Smash Cake

    Smash Cake

    I guess the term for a 1st birthday cake is smash because that’s what most kids are likely to do when it’s placed in front of them. This one is too pretty to see get destroyed.

    credit: Hello Bee

  • Number


    It’s easy to look like a genius cake decorator with the help of a cookie cutter and sprinkles.

    credit: Little Life of Mine

  • Lollipop


    Don’t worry about frosting techniques, add lollipops to the top for an impressive look.

    credit: Innove Events

  • Polka Dot Cookie

    Polka Dot Cookie

    For this multi-color dot look, frosted cookies were added as a border. Cute!

    credit: I Am Baker

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