10 Baby Books To Hold All Those Precious Memories

I’m one of those moms that keeps every single piece of memorabilia from their baby’s ‘firsts’. Their first lock of hair, foot print, hand print – I’ve kept them all. The easiest way to do this is with a memory book or baby book. There are so many different ones available and they usually have custom pages for each milestone or memory. Some hold enough pages for the first 5 years!

  • Engraved Baby Book

    Engraved Baby Book

    This is probably one of the most unique baby books out there. Made from pine board that has been engraved with your child’s hand print, name and birthdate, this eco-friendly refillable baby book is sure to be a heirloom piece for generations to come.

  • Winnie The Pooh Memory Book

    Winnie The Pooh Memory Book

    Winnie the Pooh is classic and perfect for both genders. This memory book is filled with pages to record your child’s milestones and memories from your baby’s first year.

  • Mom's One Line A Day

    Mom's One Line A Day

    This book is a little different from all the others. Instead of providing spots for momentos, this book gives you a space to write 2-3 sentences each day as a way to record special memories. I bought this myself as a way to remember sweet moments with all three of my kids.

  • Accordian Style

    Accordian Style

    I really love the accordion style of this vintage-style book. The ribbon, heavy cardstock and top of the line decorative papers make all the difference. This is definitely a book that would look as great on display as it would on your bookshelf!

  • Baby Memory Book Pink and White Damask

    Baby Memory Book Pink and White Damask

    Binders are great because you never have to worriy about creasing the cover or pages – everything lays flat. I’m a huge fan of these books and love the way they are designed

  • French Script

    French Script

    Ah! The elegance, the beauty and the whimsy of this French Script Baby Book is just lovely. The seller also creates custom books designed with other styles, if you prefer something else.

  • Disney Keepsake Memory Book

    Disney Keepsake Memory Book

    And baby makes three!

    Keep track of each and every one of her precious moments and highlights from her childhood. The pages in this book from Disney are pink, there are sparkly accents and the cover has a frame built in.

  • Pearhead Babyprints Giraffe Babybook

    Pearhead Babyprints Giraffe Babybook

    The Pearhead Book has a different construction altogether. This book is bound with a screw-and-post construction allowing you to rearrange and remove pages as needed. The acid free photo corners help keep your pictures in mint condition for years to come.

  • My Baby Book

    My Baby Book

    What makes My Baby Book special and different from all the rest? This isn’t just a baby book – it’s a birthday book too! You can keep cards, photos and a time capsule envelope to store away momentos from the first birthday all the way to the 18th.

  • My Story - A Book of Memories

    My Story - A Book of Memories

    This memory book is filled with pages to record your child’s milestones and memories from your baby’s first year.

  • Baby Briefcase

    Baby Briefcase

    Another unique pick! This Baby Briefcase is great for those who aren’t fond of the whole book idea. The frosted briefcase has a click-and-snap closure and a photo pocket as well as filing labels and baby information wallet cards for family members.

  • Pink Mikado

    Pink Mikado

    A work of art is what I would call this boutique style memory book. The gorgeous pink and white “Pink Mikado” print is just stunning!

  • Cream Memory Book

    Cream Memory Book

    Recording milestones is easy thanks to the 15 pre-printed forms that partially fill this 30 page album. The additional pages are blank for those who scrapbook or want a place to store photos and announcements. The beaded bunny charm on the cover adds a real nice touch too!

  • Boy Carriage Baby Book

    Boy Carriage Baby Book

    It’s a boy! Cloth covered and filled with plenty of pages to record your baby’s first year, this cloth covered album is a gorgeous choice for recording memories.

  • Disney Princess

    Disney Princess

    Pretty, pink and perfect for your little princess! Each page of this sweet book is filled with decorative pages that document all those special moments. There are pages for the Birth Certificate, Handprints, Footprints, Family Tree, World Around Me, Growth Chart and more. All the way up to their 5th birthday!

Keeping track of these precious milestones with a baby book is a great way to keep them organized and stored safely. So much better than a box or case.

If you or someone you know is currently expecting their first baby, I would definitely put this on the list of ‘must-haves’. It’s a gift that will keep on giving as your child gets older, one that they (and you) will appreciate every so much! I promise ;).

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