Our Lavender Calming Oil Nightly Routine

Throughout all four of my pregnancies, my biggest complaint was chronic lower back pain. I’m fairly petite in stature, so when it comes to carrying a baby, there wasn’t too many places for my baby to hide. I’ll admit it, I honestly did look like I was smuggling a basketball under my shirt.

One of the ways I would alleviate stress and lower back pain was to take a warm bath at the end of the day. I’m fortunate enough to have a large soaking tub in my master bathroom, and you better believe that I took full advantage of it most evenings.

Something I realized early on, especially during the cold and dry winter months, is that my skin would get excessively dry from all the hot water I was soaking in. Not so much my face, but definitely my body, specifically my growing belly.

taking a bath while pregnant to relieve lower back painAbout half way through my pregnancy with baby Paul, a friend of mine gifted me the It’s a Small World LOVING TOUCH gift set for my birthday, after she heard me complain about how incredibly dry and itchy I’d become because of the excessive soaking I was doing.

Admittedly, my love language typically isn’t found in fragrant soaps and lotions, but I almost immediately got hooked on the Lavender Calming Oil included in the gift set. After getting out of the tub and drying off, I would later up my growing belly up in this very indulgent sleepy-time oil. My favorite thing about the product is the mild lavender scent, which is not at all overpowering, and the non-greasy element to the oil.

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My original bottle is almost empty, but what I have left, I’ve started to apply to baby Paul’s belly and legs after his evening bath. It’s becoming a nightly routine for us, and it’s a perfect way to wind down from a big day play.

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