Need Some Bounce? Eight Tiggers to Get the Job Done

I don’t know about you, but sometimes as parent, I feel like I could use a little – or a lot – of extra energy in my day. I’m walking around more like Eeyore, and my children are wishing I would be a little more like Tigger. What kid doesn’t like Tigger? He’s full of energy and fun, and he never gets lost. He might ruin a carrot patch every now and then, but he’s got a good heart. The lessons we learn from Tigger are good lessons for both parent and child to learn. For a reminder of the good that can come from enthusiasm that doesn’t always avoid making a mess, keeping a Tigger in sight is probably a good idea. Here are eight plush Tiggers to suit the taste of both parent and child.

  • Mini Bean Bag Tigger

    Mini Bean Bag Tigger

    This Tigger is small enough to take anywhere, a little bit of portable bounce.

    Available from The Disney Store.

  • Bounce Bounce Tigger

    Bounce Bounce Tigger

    For kids and parents who enjoy a toy that moves and sings, this is the Tigger for you. He bounces as he sings, and even features volume control in case you have any Rabbits in your house.

    Available from Target.

  • Soft Sitting Tigger

    Soft Sitting Tigger

    This Tigger looks so huggable, you might just want to use him to hug out any stress. That should help you get your bounce back.

    Available from Sears.

  • Bright, Happy Tigger

    Bright, Happy Tigger

    This one looks like he could just bounce right into the sunshine.

    Available from The Disney Store.

  • Classic Pooh Tigger

    Classic Pooh Tigger

    The Classic Pooh animals are my favorite because they remind me of reading the A.A. Milne books as a child. This Tigger looks just right to me.

    Available from

  • Certified Organic Tigger

    Certified Organic Tigger

    Huggable and organic? It’s a match made in heaven. This Tigger is ready for serious snuggles.

    Available from

  • A Tigger That Jingles, With Ears That Crinkle

    A Tigger That Jingles, With Ears That Crinkle

    This would be our Elvie’s favorite of the bunch. With a bell in his tummy and crinkly fabric inside his ears, this Tigger makes the best kind of sounds for babies.

    Available from

  • Movie Edition Tigger

    Movie Edition Tigger

    If your child loves the Disney Winnie the Pooh movies, this Tigger is the one to get; he looks just like the movie character. He also has arms and legs that have joints so he can be posed.

    Available from The Disney Store.

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