My Toddler’s Most Beloved Disney Character (and Current Best Friend)

It’s funny how children develop their likes and dislikes. You can steer them in the direction of the things you like, but like a force of nature they will be drawn to their own favorites. Such has been the case for my 15-month-old and it kind of melts my heart. Here is a little slideshow documenting the story of a toddler and her most beloved Disney character…Minnie Mouse!

  • My Toddler's Most Beloved Disney Character

    My Toddler's Most Beloved Disney Character

    Meet Baby Minnie. We got her on our trip to Disneyland. Fern picked it out all by herself and it was so sweet. Ever since these two have been completely inseparable. Wherever one is, you can be sure that you’ll find the other.

  • Where it all started

    Where it all started

    This is where Fern’s little love affair with Minnie Mouse began – our trip to Disneyland. It was honestly love at first sight and one of the cutest things I’ve ever witnessed. Ever since then she’s been “all in” when it comes to her love of Minnie.

  • All day every day

    All day every day

    No matter the task, Fern insists on carrying Minnie around the house to accompany her on her toddler adventures (in this case climbing all over her bed like a little monkey). She always carries Minnie by the hand too, which is the sweetest thing!

  • Even when Minnie stays home...

    Even when Minnie stays home...

    Even when her own Minnie doll stays home, Fern still manages to notice other Minnie Mouse dolls/toys/books/etc. while we’re out and about and points and talks excitedly until I let her see them. She was a fan of this Minnie doll at Target that was exactly her size.

  • Snuggles: Morning and Night

    Snuggles: Morning and Night

    I’m not always so lucky to be the recipient of morning snuggles from Fern, but Minnie definitely is. Fern doesn’t sleep in a crib anymore, and even though we don’t leave Minnie in her bed at night, without fail she gets up after we close the door to retrieve her good buddy all on her own and then they snuggle back up to sleep together. It melts my heart.

  • Indoors or out

    Indoors or out

    Indoors or out, Minnie is along for the ride!

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