My Little Book Worm’s 5 Favorite Reads

Even at the tender age of eight-months, my little Fern is a lover of books. Her attention span for our reading times always impresses me. Even when I’m not reading to her, she often reaches for books before toys (even if it is only to chew them) and she already has some literary preferences. Here are a few of her favorite reads.

  • My Little Bookworm's 5 Favorite Reads

    My Little Bookworm's 5 Favorite Reads

    Even babies have their literary preferences!

  • Baby Einstein: Mirror Me!

    Baby Einstein: Mirror Me!

    Fern’s inner (OK…outer) narcissist can’t resist the shiny mirrors throughout this book. She likes to flip the pages open and shut to catch quick glimpses of herself. It’s pretty adorable.

    Book ($6.99) at Toys R Us

  • Little Giraffe Finger Puppet Book

    Little Giraffe Finger Puppet Book

    The little giraffe poking its head into every page is actually a little finger puppet for the reader to entertain Baby with. It never fails to keep Fern mesmerized, though as to be expected she sometimes bites the giraffe (i.e. my finger), so reader beware.

    Book ($6.99) at Amazon

  • Perfect Pets

    Perfect Pets

    The touch and feel textures on each page of this book keep Fern entertained for hours (OK…more like 5-10 minutes, but that’s like hours in baby time).

    Book ($3.99) at Barnes & Noble

  • DogFish


    This isn’t a book she can read alone since it has paper pages and she wants to put them all into her mouth, but she seems to be quite taken with the fun, modern illustrations.

    Book ($13.25) at Amazon

  • Dog


    This book is fun and interactive for babies and Fern loves it! The tails wag and legs move via pull tabs which is a favorite, but above all, the book is about her favorite subject matter…dogs.

    Book ($11.55) at Amazon

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