LOVE-ly Books for Valentine’s Day and Beyond

‘Tis the season for L-O-V-E.

Even if you’re not planning on making Valentine’s Day a big present-filled holiday, you might want to start a Valentine’s Day book tradition — especially considering there are so many heart-warming children’s books about love, hugs, and kisses, as well as the giving spirit of Valentine’s Day.

Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day books for babies and toddlers, which you’ll be reading long after Valentine’s Day comes and goes.

  • I Love You More

    I Love You More

    This reversible book is told through the mother’s point of view first — with her answering her son’s question, “Just how much do you love me?” — and then you can flip the book over and read the story from the son’s perspective, as he answers his mother’s question of “Just how much do you love me?” She loves him more than the prettiest flower or the tallest tree, and he loves her more than the biggest bubbles and the longest-lasting lollipop. It’s a sweet Valentine’s Day story for a mom and her boy to read together.

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

    The beloved mouse from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is celebrating Valentine’s Day with his friends!

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  • The I Love You Book

    The I Love You Book

    A vibrantly illustrated picture book that’s as playful as it is heartwarming. Each page describes the unconditional nature of a parent’s love — “I love you when you are scared, I love you when you are brave…I love you when I am away, I love you when we are cuddled up close.” And it ends with “Most of all, I love you just the way you are.”

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  • You Are My I Love You

    You Are My I Love You

    When I read this book to my son, it’s more for me than for him. Beautifully written and utterly heartwarming, this book captures the relationship — the love — between a parent and a child.

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  • Guess How Much I Love You

    Guess How Much I Love You

    This best-selling board book is a popular baby shower or birthday gift, as it’s a classic bedtime book for babies and young toddlers. But if you don’t have it on your bookshelf yet, it’ll make a perfect First Valentine’s Day gift.

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  • Mommy Hugs

    Mommy Hugs

    For the littlest of Valentines, here’s a counting book that uses HUGS to teach numbers. It’s colorful and vividly patterned, as well — the perfect beginner book for Valentine’s Day.

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  • Daddy Hugs

    Daddy Hugs

    But why should mommy get all the hugs? Here’s a version of the same book, but for daddies.

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  • HUG


    What this book lacks in word count, it makes up for in touching, expressive illustrations that convey just want this little monkey is looking for: A HUG. It’s a sweet Valentine’s Day book for the under-12-month crowd.

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  • Maisy’s Valentine

    Maisy’s Valentine

    This sweet interactive Valentine’s Day book includes STICKERS.

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  • Be My Valentine, Peter Rabbit

    Be My Valentine, Peter Rabbit

    Any Beatrix Potter fans out there? If you’re a collector (such as I am), you’ll definitely want to add this Valentine’s Day Peter Rabbit to your baby’s bookshelf.

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  • Count My Kisses, Little One

    Count My Kisses, Little One

    A love-filled board book for Valentine’s Day and beyond! This beautifully illustrated story is charming, interactive, and educational. This is definitely one of my top picks for a unique Valentine’s Day book.

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  • Duck & Goose: Good Needs a Hug

    Duck & Goose: Good Needs a Hug

    Next up in the award-winning Duck and Goose series, what does Goose need this Valentine’s Day? A big hug, that’s what.

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  • Huggy Kissy

    Huggy Kissy

    Another Valentine’s Day book full of warmth and affection — all about how everyone loves this little toddler. “Mommy kisses all my toesies…Daddy kisses on my tummy…They both want to eat me up… I’m so yummy, yummy!”

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  • I Love You, Stinky Face

    I Love You, Stinky Face

    A book about the unconditional love a mother has for her son — no matter how stinky, wild, or silly he may be.

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  • My Heart is Like a ZOO

    My Heart is Like a ZOO

    A bold, bright picture book that will engage even the youngest child. My Heart is Like a ZOO is all about emotions and affection, and each illustration is based around heart shapes.

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  • How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?

    How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight?

    This sweet book on the universal goodnight kiss features all kinds of animals — from snakes to bears to butterflies — asking, “how many kisses do you want tonight?”

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  • Kisses: A Pull Touch, Lift, Squeak, and SMOOCH Book!

    Kisses: A Pull Touch, Lift, Squeak, and SMOOCH Book!

    If the title isn’t self-explanatory enough, this sensory-filled book — with textures, flaps, and squeaks — lists all the fun ways to smooch.

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  • Disney’s Hugs and Kisses

    Disney’s Hugs and Kisses

    Another cuddly, affection-filled book to snuggle up with this Valentine’s Day.

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  • Olive, My Love

    Olive, My Love

    The cute, slightly confused dog named Olive (from Olive the Other Reindeer) is back — but this time she’s on a Valentine’s Day mission that teaches her what it means to give love.

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  • Hug Time

    Hug Time

    A bestselling book about the simplest, kindest gift we can give: a hug. And this little kitten travels the world — from his backyard to the North Pole — making the world a better place with his hugs.

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  • Love and Kisses

    Love and Kisses

    As if you needed an excuse to give your little one more hugs and kisses, but this Valentine’s Day book is certainly that excuse. It’s all about kisses! Hugs! Hearts! LOVE! The affection in this book is wonderfully contagious.

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  • Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day

    Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day

    A heart-warming book featuring handmade Valentines, a helpful puppy, and big flaps that toddlers love to lift.

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  • Peek-a-Boo, I Love You!

    Peek-a-Boo, I Love You!

    This classic game of Peek-a-Boo ends by revealing who is loved most of all — with a mirror.

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  • I RUFF You

    I RUFF You

    Here’s a fun, lighthearted Valentine’s Day book that you (and your laughing baby) will love to read aloud.

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  • Where is Baby’s Valentine?

    Where is Baby’s Valentine?

    Lift the flaps to help Baby find where she put her Valentine.

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  • My Little Sweetheart

    My Little Sweetheart

    This might be the perfect board book for Baby’s first Valentine’s Day — with heart-shaped pages, plus a finger puppet to make your baby giggle.

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  • Romeo & Juliet

    Romeo & Juliet

    Introduce your toddler to the classics with this age-appropriate retelling of the most famous love story of all time. (Think less teen angst and poison, and more simple counting and bright illustrations.)

    Buy from Darling Clementine.


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