Last-Minute DIY Valentine’s Gift To Make With Your Baby

Looking for a simple and fun last minute gift to make with your little one as a Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love? Then look no further! This little art project is simple, fun for your little one, and will make a fantastic Valentine’s gift for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, or really anyone you want to say “I love you” to this Valentine’s Day! I also made a grown-up version over at my blog if you’re looking for a V-Day DIY option to make on your own!

*This art project was inspired by the song lyric wall art project at A Beautiful Mess – see the original project here

  • Last-Minute DIY Valentine's Gift To Make With Your Baby

    Last-Minute DIY Valentine's Gift To Make With Your Baby

    This little project is definitely a bit messy, but so fun for baby and the end result is a piece of art you will cherish for years to come! Let’s get started!

  • 1. Gather your supplies

    1. Gather your supplies

    For this project you will need: a canvas of whatever size you wish (mine was an 8×10), vinyl sticker letters (mine are 2″), acrylic craft paint (I might recommend testing out washable – acrylic paint is definitely not baby friendly – live and learn), large sponges (these were great and really easy for Fern to grip), scissors, and foam sticker hearts. I found all of these craft supplies at Michael’s craft store.

  • 2. Cut and arrange

    2. Cut and arrange

    Begin by cutting out and arranging your letters on your canvas to get an idea of placement. You could get fancy or more professional by measuring out your spacing and making sure all your letters were perfectly level, but I’m just not that kind of crafter. Plus, since this is a craft for a little one, I think the imperfections only make it all the more sweet.

  • 3. Peel and stick

    3. Peel and stick

    Once you have your letter placement right, peel and stick your letters onto the canvas. I used the foam sticker heart in lieu of an “O”, but that’s obviously optional – I just thought it was cute. Make sure you press down your letters very firmly. You want to make sure there aren’t any parts of the sticker that are bubbling up. If this happens, you’ll get paint underneath and the project won’t turn out – trust me…I learned this from experience.

  • 4. Apply your paint

    4. Apply your paint

    Squeeze your paint haphazardly across the canvas. It doesn’t matter how you do it, because it’s going to get rubbed in. Now for the fun part…

  • 5. Time to get messy!

    5. Time to get messy!

    I HIGHLY recommend stripping your baby down to just a diaper for the painting portion of the project…things are about to get real messy. I also cut up garbage bags to help cover the floor and minimize mess, although when she crawled off at the end she still got paint all over the floor. It’s also a good idea to do this with someone else to help. You’ll definitely be thankful for the extra pair of hands, because things are about to get real messy…fun, but messy. Fern loved rubbing her fingers in the paint!

  • 6. Voila!

    6. Voila!

    Let your painting dry for at least an hour – even longer would probably be better – and then peel off your letters. Voila! You have a fun piece of art perfect for showcasing and perfect for a sweet and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift! What grandparent or daddy wouldn’t love this?

  • 7. Embrace the Imperfect

    7. Embrace the Imperfect

    We made two of the canvases (they came in a 2-pack) and Fern ended up peeling off the “Y” during the painting process, so our second painting says “LOVE OU”, but I honestly love it even more because it’s imperfect. It makes me smile remembering the fun she had painting. So if your project is less than perfect, don’t worry! It’s even sweeter that way – they’re just babies after all!

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